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Monday 6 August 2012

MyFace Slinky Liquid Eyeliners

I'm a sucker for a liquid eyeliner, and always have three or four on the go at any one time. I had every single shade of Urban Decay liquid liner (until they changed the packaging to make it hugely unusable a few years ago, and haven't bought one since), and have been on the lookout for a range of affordable liners, in great colours ever since.

MyFace hasn't registered on my radar very much, I'll be honest, but my ears pricked up somewhat when I discovered that they have fifteen - FIFTEEN - shades of liner in their range to match their range of Bling Tone Shadows, and the news that they cost £10.99 each, which isn't a bad price at all, made my little heart go pitty-pat.  Currently I'm in love with Illamasqua liners, but there's a limited range of (beautiful) shades, and they cost £17.50 each, so these are a bargain in comparison.

So, on with the swatches, of the 15 shades, three are mattes (a black, a brown and a white), and the remaining 12 are shimmery. I divided the shades into three groups, darks, metallics and blue-greens.  First off the darks:

Swatches in same order as product shot above
Sugar Plum is a dark mauve-purple, Purple Haze is a greyed-out lilac shade.  Hot Cocoa is a bitter-chocolate, Sp"ice"y  is a metallic bronze, and Paint it Black is a matte black - more of a dark charcoal when dry, admittedly.  Be warned though, that Sugar Plum stains your eyelids.  Stains your eyelids GREEN.  No idea why that might be, but it does.  It's beautiful though, and probably my pick of this group.

Onto the metallics:

Gilt-y is a bright yellow-gold, Tequila Sunrise is an equally bright coppery-gold.  Silver Screen is a pale silver, Diamonds & Pearls is a pearlescent white, with just a hint of pink duochrome, and White Knight is a deeply opaque matte white. I found that Diamonds & Pearls had a slightly more watery texture than some of the other liners in the group, but nonetheless, it's probably my favourite shade out of this group.

Now for the blues and greens:

Bellbottom Blues is a lovely denim blue, Crystalline Green is a metallic sage with a hint of grey, Caribbean Queen is a beautiful cerulean blue, Limelight is a pale lime-green, and Black Ice is a metallic black with silber micro-shimmer.  Caribbean Queen is the thinnest of these liners, and it's also the one that stains out of this group.  I'm in love a little bit with both Crystalline Green and Black Ice out of this lot.

And here's how they all look together:

The liners have a thin brush applicator which easily makes either a thick or a thin line, and most of the shades are deeply opaque with one application, but there are a couple that need a couple of swipes with the brush to get them to show up properly.  I haven't found them to run, and they will only flake if you over apply.  They will fade over the course of twelve hours, but this isn't a problem.

Overall, I've been very impressed with my introduction to MyFace Cosmetics, what have you tried from the range?

MyFace Slinky Liquid Liners are available online.

The Fine Print: PR Samples.  It may take some time to get the stains off though ... 
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  1. I really like the look of the metallic ones; especially the paler silver and white shades :)

  2. Black Ice is gorgeous and will make a change from matte black for me. It's a bit more adventurous but not too far over the top, so great for evenings out I think.

  3. Ooooh lala. They are fine

    I have the lil bling nail varnishes and I adore them all

  4. These look lovely, especially the blue shades, they are all gorgeous!I think I might have to get one to try it out.

    The best liquid eye liners I have ever tried are from Milani (as US brand), they are affordable, last for a super long time and they come in gorgeous colours. I love the blue shade!

    Here is one I have reviewed on my blog:

    Grace (allthatslap)

  5. A great selection of eyeliners. The metallics are speaking to me already. Their eyeshadows aren't bad, but their lipsticks are amongst some of my favourites.


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