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Sunday 14 February 2010

Valentine lip colour

Mr Lippie and I went out for dinner last night, and this was the make up look I created for the occasion (forgive the crappy iPhone pic):

It's a very clean and simple look, consisting of foundation, blusher, some black eyeliner and mascara, and, of course, a red lipstick. A couple of people asked me what the lip colour was, and it's something I mixed up myself from some Bourjois Hi-Tech lipstains, specifically, these two:

 85 - Irresistible Currant - a cool fuschia shade, and 86 - New Caramel - a neutral brown.

I use these a lot, and I love them a great deal, they're water-based stains that last and last, and feel feather-light on the skin. I find them much easier to use, and far more flattering than, say ... Benetint, for example. Swatched individually in one layer on the skin, they look like this:

Swatched together in one layer on the skin, they look like this:

This is a nice sheer cherry-red suitable for daytime wear, which I use often as a base layer for brighter, or stronger reds, but I wanted something a little more dramatic last night, so I used two layers of each, which looked like this:

Nice shade, and one that lasted very well against an expensive meal and several drinks ...

Do you mix your own colours?  What do you use?


  1. Wow you look stunning! I must remember to check these out next time in Boots.


  2. haha yeah i use those two to create that red, its so lovely and the colours on their own are too. Love them!

  3. I absolutely love these liptints, I'm wearing one now! I like the rose and orange ones best.

  4. These are lovely! I like the colour you chose. I hope you had a lovelt V-Day! =)

  5. I adore those lip stains, I think they are the best out there :)


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