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Tuesday 2 February 2010

Lip of the Day - Chanel Rouge Coco "Cambon"

This is a sneak preview of one of the lipsticks Chanel is premiering in March, from their "Rouge Coco" range, the shade I have is "Cambon":

Chanel are introducing this range of lipsticks - all named after Coco Chanel's favourite things, this one is named after the Cambon Handbag, hence the picture at the top there - for the spring/summer season.  Highly moisturising, and very pigmented, they're a delight to wear, and there will be 30 shades in the full range.

This is a HOT pink, indeed an almost fuschia shade, but with a hint of orange rather than blue.  I love it.  My All Time Favourite Lipstick of All Time is a Chanel pink (India, long since discontinued, but I never pass a Chanel counter without having a quick look for it, just in case, I miss it so!) so when this baby popped into my grubby little paw on Saturday , I was very happy indeed!  The pictures are making it look very scarlet, which is a shame, as this is very definitely a pink.

They wear well, fade evenly (no ring of doom here!) and last pretty much six or seven hours before you need to reapply - at least, if you don't eat, they do.

This is one of those bright, sunshine-y shades that instantly makes you happier when you wear it, and it's bringing a little cheer to my dingy corner of winter at the moment!

Many, many thanks to British Beauty Blogger for the surprise present, I love it!

Pastels, schmastels, my spring is all about the BRIGHT, how about you?


  1. what a lovely shade! Spot on with how well CC lippies last - I love mine! x

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the lipstick and it's a great colour!

  3. Ooooh i cant wait for these, i'm a lipstick fiend! This one looks a lovely shade, but does look very red in the photos.


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