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Sunday 7 February 2010

Makeover: Rebecca

I recently put out a call on my blog for volunteers for makeovers, and the lovely Rebecca from Le Salon de Beaute had volunteered almost before I’d finished writing the post!  Take a look at her blog if you get a chance, it’s a lovely one, and I’m a big fan.
Anyway, this is Rebecca refusing to give me her best “Prisoner Cell Block H” impression.
1 Rebecca I was a bit nervous during this makeover, as Rebecca is a talented makeup artist in her own right, so I was really putting my amateur skills to the test here.
As always, we start with the base.  Rebecca has very pale skin, and I had a little trouble matching her up with my small foundation supply, but the nearest match we came up with was – once again – Max Factor Seamless in Porcelain:
2 Rebecca
It’s evened out her skintone well (it’s a foundation I use a LOT), but I can’t help thinking it’s  just a touch too warm on Rebecca’s skin.
We had a fun time picking out some colours to use, and eventually we decided to do something a bit different, and went for a pink and burgundy smokey eye.  As a colour wash, I used ELF’s Shimmering Facial Whip in Pink Lemonade:
3 Rebecca
It’s a lovely soft pink shade that you can use anywhere on your face, and it makes a nice eyeshadow base too. 
4 RebeccaIt’s not as scarily bright as you might think on the eyes, and I thought it was a lovely, brightening shade.  In order to smoke it out, I used Korres 77s eyeshadow in plum, which is a lovely  burgundy, and an eyeshadow that I use very often.  I used it as a liner, and to define the outer V of the mobile eyelid and into the crease:
5 Rebecca 6 Rebecca I then finished off the eyes with a sweep of Bourjois Ultra Care mascara (full review of that coming soon!) and added a little of MAX lipgloss in VI to Rebecca’s lips:

7 RebeccaI think she liked it:

8 Rebecca
Here’s the before and after: 
Rebecca Before and After
Thanks so much for taking part, Rebecca! It was lots and lots of fun!


  1. I love it, again it highlights her beauty, doesn't make her look like she is wearing a mask.

    Well done.

  2. honey, i had so much fun taking part! thanks for such a fab afternoon! you should have seen me prancing around highgate afterwards for our sunday roast! i loved this look! xxx

  3. Fab makeover - you brought out her natural prettiness without going OTT. Lovely x


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