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Thursday 4 February 2010

Estee Lauder - Michael Kors

More beige, and yet I want this collection so badly.  Someone needs to talk me down ... I have enough make up! 

... Don't I? I also think I need the Bobbi Brown summer corals collection.  I love me some coral ...

Any things you are looking forward to seeing appear in the shops over the next couple of months?


  1. Having tried some, I can't hand on heart tell you not to, but be selective! The beige nail varnish for one thing is a must...

  2. Do it, do it. I caved in yesterday, you can never have too much makeup...

  3. Just get'll only spend all summer wishing you had it.
    your coffee drinking pal! x

  4. I'm no help either, it took a lot of effort to close the website when I had half the collection in my basket the other day! Am trying to give hints to the bf but he isn't paying any attention :( - not that he normally buys me slap but cos its val day, then our anniversary, then my birthday over the next 3 weeks I figured he might..

  5. I'm drooling over this collection too! looks gorgeous xo

  6. I got involved in a little Starlet Peach action today...I figured I was allowed since I'm boycotting Lillyland!



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