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Tuesday 9 February 2010

Review - Philip Kingsley Elasticiser

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
I was recently invited to a PR event where we were introduced to look at some new brands, and one of the products we were invited to try was this pre-shampoo treatment for dry hair from Philip Kingsley. I’ll be honest, I thought Philip Kingsley was a celebrity hairdresser, and I was a bit embarrassed to discover that he’s actually a trichologist (and has been for 50 years!) who believes that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.
Elasticizer was first introduced 26 years ago, and it’s still going strong, mainly because it works.  Here’s what Kerry had to say about her experience using it:
“Rarely do I get to take a bath with something so exciting... 
My hair is highlighted, over-straightened, overdue for a trim, dry, porous and frizzy.  So the promise of shine, bounce and manageability was impossible to resist and I had read good things about this product.

You can either apply the elasticizer, comb through and then shampoo out immediately or leave it on as a mask for 10-20 minutes.  I really wanted this to work, so I decided to give it a full 20 minutes to do it's magic.

You need to apply this product on wet hair before shampooing, which I thought sounded a bit strange, but actually wasn't too bad.  I applied liberally to my wet hair and covered it with the nice little branded shower cap included in the box.

The product had a nice thick, rich texture.  Moisturising, but not greasy feeling.  This is perfect for my hair, which does need a rich conditioner, although it might be quite heavy on fine hair and the instructions do suggest being a bit more sparing with the product if this is your hair.  There is no particularly strong scent to the product.  It doesn't smell 'scented', but neither does it smell of yucky underlying ingredients.

Although I did apply the product pretty liberally it didn't look like I'd used much out of the pot, so I reckon it would last you quite a long time, at least 10 treatments I would think.

After 20 minutes, the product rinsed out easily, not leaving any residue even before I'd shampooed it out.  As per the instructions, I used shampoo and conditioner in the normal way.

I then dried and styled my hair with all my usual products.  My hair was noticeably softer and silkier to touch.  It styled much straighter and more easily than normal.  In fact, it was almost too silky to style!!

The next day, it still feels very soft to touch and has only started to frizz a little on the ends, although it has been a pretty damp day (and my hair does need cutting).  It does suggest using the product regularly for the best results and I am sure I would notice a definite improvement in the condition of my hair if I used this as a weekly treatment.  In fact, that's exactly what I will be doing!!”
How do you look after your dry hair?


  1. Ooh this sounds amazing.
    I've been trying out Lush Marilyn hair moisturiser, it's not working too well though :/

  2. Put this one on My Treat List.
    I have thick, curly hair and live in Louisiana where the Summers are atrociously Hot and Humid~ looking forward to trying this.


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