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Saturday 13 February 2010

Bourjois Event

Bourjois EventI don’t know how well my blogging about events I’ve attended fits with Get Lippie (my idea behind the blog is that  it’s all about the products and if they work or not, rather than about me) but I figured I’d tell you about this one, and see how well – or not – it goes down.

Anyway, last Saturday, along with a couple of other bloggers, I was invited along to Bourjois HQ to see their latest summer releases, it’s always exciting to be invited “behind the scenes” and this was no exception.  The champagne and cupcakes on offer made it a delightful afternoon and were very welcome after a bit of a stressful morning!

I was a bit worried when they said this year’s summer collection was inspired by “brown and tangerine” as I still have horrendous memories of my mum’s brown and tangerine decorating scheme back in the early 80’s … anyway, Bourjois’ take on it is actually very lovely, coral lips and nails and a new limited edition brown eyeshadow Tabac Blond (much more exciting than it sounds, honest!) alongside new liner shades, 4 new blushers, a new mascara and new range of foundations and concealers.

Bourjois collection Collage

Sadly, we weren’t able to pick up samples of the lipstick and the nail varnish, but celebrity makeup artist Cassie Lomas was on hand to show us how to create this gorgeous look:

Bourjois Event collection (horrific photo – sorry Giorge!)

I’ve had a chance to play with the bits of the collection I do have now, and I have to say that Bourjois are really impressing me at the moment!  For the price point, their products really are excellent quality, and more and more these days I find myself reaching for their products over and above their more expensive counterparts.

Here’s my thoughts on the new launches:

Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer

I’ve been using the foundation for an entire week now, and I really love it.  It comes in 8 shades, which is the widest range of colours Bourjois have introduced in a foundation range to date – but, I’m sad to report, they still “don’t really cater” for darker Asian or African  skins.  It is infused with Apricot, Melon, Apple and Ginger for radiance, hydration, anti-oxidant and “energy” (um … not entirely convinced I need an energetic foundation, but hey  ho …) so it smells delicious.

It’s a semi-matte formulation (what I usually refer to as a satin), a rich, thick liquid, it’s easy to apply and spreads well.  I find it gives a medium coverage, and leaves a slight sheen on the skin:

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation swatch I’m shade 52, warm vanilla.  The bottle states it’ll last up to 16 hours, I find it lasts around 8, but that’s not really a big deal.  I’m a big fan of this product, it’s impressed me a lot more than some high-end foundations I’ve tried in the recent past.

The concealer, I’m not such a big fan of.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually an excellent concealer in itself, pigmented and creamy with excellent coverage, but the lip balm-style tube with a wedge applicator strikes me as a bit wasteful – it’s very easy to squeeze too much out.  Other people might not find this so much of a problem though, I am notoriously cack-handed!

Tabac Blond Eyeshadow 

This is a lovely golden-taupe shade, with a little golden shimmer to it.  I’ve worn it four or five times over the last week – both with and without primer – and I’ve been really impressed with it’s staying power.  Even without primer it lasts around six hours with only minimal creasing.  Sadly, I took the worst swatch pics of this EVER, so will retake them and bring them to you soon.

Bourjois Tabac Blond


Out of the four new shades they’re introducing, I chose Tomette D’Or, which Bourjois are referring to as a browny-pink. Personally, I think there’s a hint of red in there, and it’s a beautiful, beautiful shade:

Bourjois Tomette Dor 2 Bourjois Tomette Dor


This is the green duochrome shade that Cassie used to line the lower inner lash-line of her model:

Bourjois EyelinerBourjois Eyeliner 2Love the shade, and it’s a lot easier to wear than I expected it to be, but I find it doesn’t last all that well on me.


Ultra Care Mascara 

This is a great mascara, excellent for lash-building and doesn’t dry out on your lashes or make them crispy.  I’ve used it in all my makeovers lately, and it’s been great, definitely my new default makeover mascara, as because it’s formulated for sensitive eyes, I don’t really have to worry about my models having a reaction:

Bourjois Ultra Care mascara

And that’s all she wrote!  What do you think?  Do you want to hear more about events I’ve attended?  Will you pick up any of the new Bourjois products?  What new high street products have impressed you?



  1. I like the event posting. I love the look of that eyeshadow, is the collection available to buy now as I'd definitely want to take a look at that.

    Not sure about all this coral business, coral strikes me as a difficult shade. I could be completely wrong though.

  2. sounds like it was fab! My first ever blush was from Bourjois. Worked it down to the pan. Great colours for chocolate sisters. Wish they'd give us foundations too!

  3. I think event reports are a good thing. I like seeing what was laid on and how the brand presented things. I know with you it's never going to be a starstuck or biased report, cause you've got your head screwed on. So keep posting them as far as I'm concerned.

    It looks like Tabac Blonde might have a lovely LE design on the lid of the compact, is that the case?

  4. This "event report" seemed pretty product-oriented to me, so I would say there's nothing in it that doesn't fit with your modus operandi, as it were.

    And besides, it was interesting and informative, so I'd vote to keep things like it in anyway. :)

  5. I really enjoy reading people's event reports, so I'm definitely willing to hear more :) Love the colour of that pencil as well - yummy!

  6. I like to hear about events, even ones that I have been to myself! I think people will feel closer to the brand if someone they know went to their presentationa and actually met someone from the brand and spoke to them if you see what I mean. I love that mascara, as you obv. know I didn't go to the event (wish i had been invited) but I just saw it and picked it up as I thought I might have to have a new contacts friendly mascara. The packaging is a bit boring but the product is brill x Great post xx

  7. Really like the approach you took with this post - still very much product review based, so I think it fits well with the over all blog.

    I'm going to be doing a bit of a review of the products from the afternoon too - have to agree that I am loving them overall, very impressed with the quality - especially loving the mascara.

  8. Ohh Tabac Blond looks gorgeous, will have to check that out :)


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