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Monday 15 February 2010


I know a lot of people really like Frontcover boxes, which are available at Boots. A little bird has told me that they're re-releasing their infamous Rainbow box of eyeshadow shades on 25th February.  Originally released for Christmas 2008, they were a sell-out and quickly became a cult item. Boxes contain 25 shadows, applicators and a "Shadowline" which turns any eyeshadow into a liquid liner.

The boxes will be available for £15 until 23rd March when the price will increase to the RRP of £30. Will you be getting one?


  1. I dont know anything about Front Cover - do I need this?

  2. OMG yessss ill defo be picking one up!!!

  3. Oh my god! I love you for this information, I truly do. I saw this back when it was released and wanted it soo bad, but wasn't as in to make up as I am now, so didn't spend the £30 on it. Now, I might just get it. xxxxx

  4. OMG they released this when i worked at Boots and girls went nuts over it and we sold out the same morning!

    i must get one this time round and Charley, YES you NEED this, esp for £15 =D xxxx

  5. Oh I'm pleased for Front Cover - always seemed a shame that Boots only picked them up around Christmas!

  6. Wow that looks good and the mermaid dreams they have coming out, looks gorgeous!

  7. I have a Front Cover trio and I have to say I wasn't so impressed with it! Although apparently the domed 'baked' eyeshadows in the boxes are much loveliness. Maybe worth it for £15... Thanks for the info!

    Would it be ok if I put a link to this on my blog to let more people know?

  8. Arrgggh, I think it's going to be a toss up for me between this or the UD Alice palette ... Alice may just win on cuteness factor alone. :/

  9. I am so late reading this.
    Not sure I will buy this. If the pigmentation is anything like the no.7 shadows, then it's really not worth it. There were some boxes of a different collection (maybe it was a evening party one, i remember there was some stuff do your own glitter) the price was good but the package looks rather bulky.


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