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Monday 7 December 2009

Review - Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara

I love mascara.  Specifically, I love Lancome Hypnose, and Lancome Hypnose Drama (though the brush on that one drives me a bit bonkers, if I'm being really honest), I've tried other mascaras, but for me, nothing really comes close.

Clarins recently ran a giveaway on their Facebook page, and I was lucky enough to win a sample sized tube, and, I have to say, it's been the only mascara I've used since (I've toyed with Smashbox DNA which is going in the bin, and Max Factor Lash Extension, which I think is a bit rubbish as well) because, well, it delivers.

Here's what Clarins say:

"A multi-dimensional, 3-in-1 mascara, that ensures oversized volume, curl and length, with an instant and intense effect. From the first brush stroke, lashes are coated from root to tip with smooth, even, deeply pigmented colour and a beautiful lash look.
3-in-1 capabilities to ensure impressive volume, length and curl.
- Incredibly thick, volumized lashes, perfectly separated, no clumping.
- Infinitely long lashes, highlighted along their base by a superb eyeliner effect.

- Lashes with a spectacular curl that always remain supple."

And here's how it looks as compared to my natural lashes (one coat):

As you can see, the lashes on the left there are definitely longer and thicker.  After I add the mascara to the other eye (I'm not wearing any makeup in these pics whatsoever, aside from the mascara) here's how they look:

I think the product actually delivers on all three claims, which is beyond amazing, and compared to the Lancome (which has been my Holy Grail mascara since the first time I ever tried it) it doesn't flake or run after about six hours, which has long been a failing of the Lancome though I've been loathe to admit it ...

I like what this mascara does for my eyes so much that recently it's been the only makeup I've worn besides some lip balm, which, a few years ago would have been simply unthinkable, it's amazing that a mascara can in itself convince me not to wear eyeliner! I also think it's down to being happy with what my new skin care routine is doing for me, and I'll be blogging about that in a bit more detail later on in the week.

What's your Holy Grail Mascara?  What would make you change products?


  1. I don't like Lancome Hypnose, it's absolutely useless.

    My "almost" HG mascaras are MUFE (Makeup Forever) Smoky Lash & Chanel Exceptionnel.

  2. I got one of these too. Absolutely loved it! I think my almost HG mascara would be Max Factor's False Lash Effect. However if I could afford £18 a time, I would definitely switch to this! xox

  3. I got this freebie too and I remember we twittered about it. I've been so lame recently that I haven't taken a photo of myself with it on but I have the review all ready to go.

    Ain't it just super? I am so going to buy the full sized version when I finish the rest.

  4. Fellow Hypnose fan, currently using Max Factor in the gold tube (whatever that is). S'ok. I demand a lot from my mascaras due to puny white eyelashes. I now want to try this one.

  5. I think you'll really like this one, Sheonaidh, it's impressed the crap out of me, and you know how wedded I've been to Lancome for the last decade!

    I'm definitely buying another one when this runs out, even though I have another Hypnose Drama in reserve.

  6. I am such a mascara junkie and I really cannot choose just one simply because I love these mascaras in their own special way. So here goes

    Nars - Larger than life mascara. This mascara really curls my lashes and thickens them, but it's the curl that really does it for me. This mascara does not budge at all. Pain to take off though.

    Lancome - Hypnose. I've bought a couple of these. This really volumises my lashes, it really thickens the lashes. It really does give a false lash effect with 2-3 coats on. The texture is smooth and it does not clump.

    Maybelline - Full n Soft. This does what most mascaras do, but what makes this so special is that it makes my lashes feel so fluttery and ohhh so kitten like :P

  7. This looks really good! The only mascara that's been able to curl, lengthen, and volumize for me is CoverGirl Lashblast (waterproof). I have yet to find one that is not waterproof, so I think I'll check this one out.

  8. I'd like to try this. I recently got a sample of Clarins Wonder Volume Mascara and I'm dead impressed. It creates length, volume, no clumping, and this is using a tiny mini version!


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