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Friday 18 December 2009

Onix Blowdry - the aftermath ...

As you probably already know, I had an  Onix keratin treatment/Brazilian blowdry at Compton Hair earlier this week, and I was very, very pleased with it. Well, I let it airdry the other day, and it was with some trepidation I did it, I can tell you!  I was still convinced that the very second I washed my hair, all the FLOOF would be back, and I'd have to break out the straighteners again.

This is how it turned out:

This is my hair, airdried, without any styling product, and just after my having raked it out with my fingers.

Here's a close up of the crown, so you can see how shiny it still is:

Seriously, my hair has been gleaming all week, people in the office have commented on it!

I couldn't be happier with my new hair, it's a whole new lease of life for me!


  1. Are you naked in that top photo?

    Seriously, I am very pleased! It's brilliant - I love it when you can do stuff like go on holiday and not have to worry about lugging hairdryer and straighteners along etc.

    I straightened mine today for the first time in ages and I'd forgotten how much I love it straight :(

  2. Of course I'm not naked! Like the nice Northern girl that I am, I am of course, wearing a vest.

    Oooh! Won't have to take my straighteners Oop North! RESULT!

  3. I like it - It turned out so so well!

  4. You can definitely see you're happy with the result, that smile on your face speaks volumes!! I have a (Brazilian) friend who had the treatment done a couple of years ago and she has such shiny, perfectly straight hair now! Even when she's at the beach, she emerges from the sea looking perfect, not as if she had algae stuck to her scalp like me, hehe! xx


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