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Tuesday 8 December 2009

Nail of the Day - Rococo Vayder

If you follow me on Twitter at all, then you might already know I've fallen for Rococo polishes in a big way.  Yes, they're expensive, but all the ones I've tried are so pretty, and the wear on them is simply fantastic, usually at least five days without any signs of tip wear or chipping.  Here's my latest purchase:

It's called Vayder and it's an opaque black with iridescent micro-sparkles.  In the picture it looks like a silver glitter, but under artificial light these little sparkles light up like diamonds, I love it.  The above pic shows two coats for full opacity, and a seche vite top coat.   There's no gritty feel from the glitter on my nails, either.

I now own three Rococo polishes, all in colours slightly different to what's in my usual colour wardrobe, from left to right here, there is Vayder, Utility and Underground:

Also, I want to show you a before and after of my nails now I've been using  my ultra top secret nail regime for a few weeks:

It might not look like much to you, but for me to have ALL of my nails visible from the other side is amazing to me!  Another couple of weeks and I'll reveal all, but this new nail routine is something I'm astonishingly happy with, and I'm beginning to think my nails actually look okay instead of being something I'm really ashamed of and frustrated with.

What are the winter nail colours you're loving at the moment?


  1. A glitter polish that doesn't feel gritty/rough is a pretty amazing find - it's pretty much the only reason I don't like glitter polishes (plus they are a pain to take off).

    I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and get Underground :)

  2. oooo can't wait to find out your super nail secret, i'm an awful nail biter and when I do try and stop they just grow so weak and so slowly I get frustrated and rip them off!

  3. Buy Underground! I love it, I think it's going to be my Christmas colour this year.

    Joyful, I'm waiting to see if my nails survive binding in the office this week, and the Christmas party season, if they do, all will be revealed early in the new year!

  4. Love the idea of a black nail varnish called Vayder. I can just picture him camping it up with the rest of the imperial guard.

    I do like the metallic black though - perhaps its my inner goth trying to get out.


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