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Sunday 20 December 2009

Makeover: Kerry

After a bit of last minute confusion with one of my other volunteers, the lovely Kerry stepped in to have a makeover, and I'm glad she did, as this is one of my favourites!

Meet Kerry:

Kerry is really very pretty already, with enormous green eyes.  Sometimes Kerry thinks she looks a bit young (never an issue as far as I'm concerned!) so was looking to create a sophisticated "grown-up" look, that was hopefully a bit glamorous too.

As always, we started with the base.  Kerry has beautiful porcelain skin, so we used Bobbi Brown liquid foundation in "porcelain" as the main base, and Benefit's You're Bluffing as a concealer on the birthmark on her upper lip.  I decided against using Bluffdust as a powder because Kerry is so pale, and we used ELF HD Powder to set the look instead:

Then, to make the most of Kerry's gorgeous eyes, I made use of a Bobbi Brown palette I have that features mainly chocolate shades, I applied a shimmer wash of colour over Kerry's lids, then defined the crease with a darker shimmery brown shade:

Once they were in place, I lined the eyes with "coffee, and applied just a little more shimmer to Kerry's  lids:

Once that was in place, I darkened Kerry's brows just a little (with Smashbox brow powder kit), and added a single layer of Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara, the difference was amazing!

A light touch of Cargo Plant Love's Wind (please note no schoolgirl jokes today, thank you) around the cheekbones and temples to warm the look up a bit, and then I used NARS Sex Machine on Kerry's lips, and finished with a tiny slick of Dior lipgloss (the name of which has worn off, but is a very pale pink with a hint of green iridescence.  Nicer than it sounds, honest!)  Here's how it looked when it was all put together:

And here's the before and after:

Many thanks for stepping in Kerry, hope you liked your new look!



  1. She looks so fresh and pretty afterwards - you really made the most of her natural prettiness, and didn't make her look too "overdone". Lovely.

  2. That's lovely. She looks a bit like Scarlett Johanssen

  3. Great makeover! Kerry is naturally pretty and has great hair. The makeup really completes the look.

  4. She looks fantastic. Loving that mascara too...may need to look into that...

  5. Kerry looks fantastic. I particularly like the eye liner, it's not too heavy but really accentuates those gorgeous eyes! well done!

  6. I love Kerry's colouring, I always always wanted to be a blonde. Bloody Norman-descended father, making me all olive and sludge-coloured.

    Back to plot: lovely makeover, colours suit her perfectly. Now I can't wait to get Wind *sniggers*


  7. Thank you for your comments, everyone!

    Helen, that mascara has become my new HG, you have to check it out!

    Grace, you just couldn't help it, could you? ;)

  8. So nice. Really fits the objective perfectly - elegant. Though I really like the 'bare' look in pictures two and three as well!

  9. Very pretty :D She looks awesome.


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