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Tuesday 29 December 2009

What I'm up to this week ...

Well, I started a new job today so posts are going to be a bit thin on the ground this week, but I'll hit the ground running next week, I promise!

Taking a leaf out of the lovely Lipglossiping's book (as I so often do, I love her blog!) I've joined up as part of The Beauty Blog Link Love network this week, so every week in 2010 I'll be bringing you a round-up of the best posts around, so you'll always have some fresh and new blogs brought to your attention for your weekend reading!

Also, I've restarted my Facebook Group - what do you mean you didn't know I had one?  It's okay, I'd forgotten about it in the joy of getting my blog properly underway too ... you can find it here, if you'd like to join, I'd love to see some new faces there!  I set it up a while ago to promote my personal shopping business, but I've changed the focus a bit there too ... What do you mean you didn't know I had a personal shopping business?  Take a look at my Facebook group and find out a bit more, some of my clients have had a chat on there ...

Oh, and I've been busy buying nail varnish.  LOTS of nail varnish.  That nice MizzWorthy  has LOTS to answer for, she introduced me to holographic polish just before Christmas and now I'm hooked.  HOOKED!  Will bring you posts and swatches as they arrive.  Because it's Christmas week, there won't be any Organic Wednesday or Makeover posts this week (sorry!) but they will be back, along with some other features I'm working on.  All good stuff, I hope!

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