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Sunday 23 August 2015

Skincare of the Week - 22 August 2015

Joy abounds in the Get Lippie household whenever a parcel from Zelens shows up, and this week I was delighted that the two newest serums in the range appeared on my doorstep.  I'll be giving Zelens Intense Defence a good going over in the next few weeks, so expect my skincare routines to get a little ... visually undistinguishable ... for a while.  This was a simple routine that I'm already used to, so I can see if the serum does its stuff.

I decided to "shop my stash" a bit this week, and dig out some old, old favourites, plus some "not tried it yet"s to swap into my routing.  This Guerlain Super Aqua Serum has been in my "must try" box for a while, and I gave it it's first couple of outings this week - it's a much heavier, creamier texture than the watery gels I usually use for hydrating (Hydraluron, and Hylamide) and layering it with the Chantecaille Bio Lifting cream was a bit too heavy for summer, but it's a nice serum, and I'll keep it in rotation for a while.

Some *really* old favourites here! The Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil has been something I've really loved in the past, but has been overtaken by some newer - lighter - cleansing oils.  It was nice to retry it though, and I was reminded of how much I liked it.  Clarins Gentle Day Cream is perfect for sore-skin days, and I was reminded, by a text from Caroline Hirons, that I need to bring Bioderma Crealine back into my routine.  Similar to my beloved Serozinc, it works really well on sensitive skin.

Just a normal weekday routine.  I've realised that being 45 now I can't hold off the beginnings of crow's feet unassisted much longer, so I need to get much better at using eye cream every day - it's always the thing I most forget.  This Zelens Triple Action is an old favourite.

I finally figured that Guerlain Super Aqua Serum needed a super-light moisturiser over the top of it, so this was a routine I used several times last week.  The Hydraluron Moisture Jelly is a great summer moisturiser, with excellent hydrating properties thanks to the hyaluronic acid content, and it's one of my favourites in warmer weather.  Relatively cheap too, and usually always on offer at Boots.  I need a back up ...

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  1. I love your skincare posts. I always enjoy being nosy and seeing what people are using. I've taken notes.

  2. How long do you generally test out a serum? Is that the only serum you use while testing?

    1. Depends on what the serum is for - if it's for, say, simple hydration you can normally tell the difference in a couple of days. If it's for something less obvious to see a difference to, then it'll be for a good three/four weeks. I never review a skincare item really until it's been in my rotation for at least a month.

      It might not be the *only* serum I use, but any serums I'm seriously testing will be the serum I use most - I try not to use two new products at once.


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