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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

New Fornasetti Launches: RIP, Losanghe and Mille Bocche

I was at the  Fornasetti offices recently to look at their lastest candle releases and I fell in love - seriously!  I have a tiny collection of Fornasetti candles at home, but they're so lovely that I have a hard time bringing myself to burn them, however this (tiny) collection of new designs surpasses, for me, anything they've done before.  Here's a whole bunch of pictures of candles for you.

First off, RIP, the collection that literally made me gasp when I saw it (look, I have a thing for skulls, okay?):

Depending on which way you display them, you can have a full-on goth memento mori, or a prettier view:

Available in the brand's signature "Otto" (roses!) scent, the RIP collection comes in small candle, large candle and room scent.  They'll be in-store in October.

Then there is Losanghe and Mille Bocche, guess which one I think is perfect for a blog called "Get Lippie"?

Mille Bocche - a thousand kisses - is something I really, really need ... again, these are in the Otto scent.

And following on from last year's green Malachite candle, this has been updated in a new white "Agatti" design with the same black-waxed malachite fragrance, which is rich and warm with elements of smoke and cedar:

And finally there's the Selfridges exclusive Zodiac candle, which also comes with the malachite black wax:

I need the RIP collection ASAP!  Prices in the Fornasetti scents range from £80 for a room scent to £390 for the large candles.  The small candles are around £120.  My purse is going to have a little weep come October, how about yours?

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  1. Yikes on the prices - at US current conversion rate the large candle comes in at a smidge over $600!! But I love the variety of designs!


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