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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Library of Fragrance: Gin and Tonic and Fresh Laundry

Having parosmia makes you paranoid about being smelly.   I'm clean, don't get me wrong, but having a nose that interprets smells incorrectly (and sometimes not at all) can make you worry about the oddest things.  I was a huge fan of Demeter Laundromat back in the day, and the first thing I did when I heard they were being re-released as the Library of Fragrance in the UK was check that Laundromat was in the line up.  It was, but is now called Fresh Laundry, and no one is happier about that than I am...

Fresh Laundry is, essentially, the smell of hot towels fresh from the dryer, you know how sometimes you just want to bury your head into your clean clothes and suck up the smell into your lungs?  It's that.  A simple "white" and clean musky kind of scent, it smells of nothing so much as clean.  Not fruity-clean, not soapy-clean, not citrus-clean, not ozone-clean, but just the pure simple essence of clean.  Its linear, and smells the same at the end as it did when you first applied (which will only be an hour or two later, as it's a cologne), but if you ever worry that you're a bit whiffy, carry a bottle of this around in your handbag. I do.  Stupid nose ...

Similar to Fresh Laundry, Gin & Tonic - bought simply because I couldn't not.  I love gin! - is a "clean" scent, but heavier on the floral-citrus (if anything in the Library of Fragrance line can be said to be heavy, that is).  Expecting a sharp tang of juniper, I was surprised at just how ladylike this one is - it doesn't smell like gin and tonic to me, but it's a clean, easy, simple and inoffensive wear that won't (sadly) make you smell like a total boozehound ...

I basically use them as body sprays, they're not strong enough (to my nose) to overpower any other perfume I might be wearing, but they do add a little something for when you just want a whiff of your mum's laundry.

The Library of Fragrance Scents are available from Boots at £15 each, but you can usually find them on a 2-for-£25 deal, as I did.

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