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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Clarins Autumn 2015 - First Look

Not so much in the way of review, but just my first thoughts on the new makeup collection from Clarins this autumn:

It's a really beautiful collection, warm lip colours, cool smokey eye colours, and very strong brows.  There's the Pretty Day five colour eye palette (£33),  two shades of the Ombre Matte eye powders ( 07 Carbon and 08 Heather £19 each, a pretty greyed lavender), two shades of Rouge Eclat 21 Tawny Rose and 22 Red Paprika (£19.50), two shades of Crayon Khol, 01 Carbon Black and 10 True Violet (£17), alongside three shades of eyebrow pencil 01 Dark Brown 02 Light Brown and 03 Soft Blonde (£17).

Lets take a closer look, shall we? Eye palette and lip colours first:

Was a bit disappointed that the palette is cardboard, particularly at this price point, but the soft gold is very pretty.

I just love the colours in the eye palette, they're soft and cool, but look fairly versatile.  The lip colours are nice too.  A warm red, and a mauve that complements the eyeshadows nicely.  Here's how they swatch:

Colours applied with fingers on unprimed skin.  The lighter shades look a little unpigmented applied this way, but you get plenty of oomph even without primer in the three darker ones.  Over primer, I think you could get a good smokey eye out of these.

The Rouge Eclats are the usual luxurious Clarins texture.  Emollient and balmy without being unpigmented.  I like these a lot.

The Ombre Mattes were a bit of a surprise - I've not seen them before - but, expecting a bouncy creamy texture, I found them dense and powdery, more like a softly pressed pigment than a cream-to-powder shadow.  Colour payoff is rather excellent though:

Again, applied with a finger over unprimed skin, you get dense opaque coverage which is easily blendable for about thirty seconds or so, until they set.  I think you'd get a less opaque coverage with a brush application. Carbon is rather sparkly, but Heather (my favourite) is matte.  Applied over a primer, I think they'd last incredibly well.

Eyebrow pencils seem to be a good formula, not too soft, and sharpen to a good point enabling you to draw individual brows in if you need.  Shade 02 Light brown seems to have a good bit of red in it, but 03 Soft Blonde looks a good taupe shade.  01 Dark brown is just this side of black.  I'll need to do a proper test of this one.  The pencils have a spoolie on the end so you can brush the pencil though your brow hair.

And finally, the eyeliners:

01 Carbon Black is  well named, being a good and deeply pigmented black.  Clarins aren't the softest or creamiest eyeliners in the world, and I wouldn't use this on the waterline as a result  - but it would be good on the upper lid.  10 True Violet was the liner I was most looking forward to, and the biggest disappointment in the collection, I found it draggy and patchy when applying.  Gorgeous colour - I can't resist a purple liner! - but a bad formula, I think.

Anything stand out to you?

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