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Sunday 1 June 2014

New Basenotes Article!

So ... some of you might remember that last year I spent a week marinating myself in the finest fragrances the Poundshop had to offer for Basenotes, well, it took over a year (a year in which it got nominated for a Jasmine Award though!) to finally come up with the follow-up, but I'm happy to announce that my special week-long Celebrity Fragrance Challenge has finally been published!  There's a little hint as to who has been included in the final line-up above - you can click on the picture to get to the article.

Hopefully it'll make you laugh, I know it's already made a couple of people go out and buy their own bottle of celebrity "juice", so will you, too?  A couple of them surprised me, and one of them astonished me, and you'll be surprised which one that was too, I promise you.  That reminds me, I need a biscuit ...

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