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Thursday 12 June 2014

Miller Harris Summer Collection - Le Petit Grain, Tangerine Vert and Citron Citron

The Team recently popped along to the Miller Harris Boutique in Belgravia, to see their beautiful new "Symphony of Colour" summer collaboration with Cyril Destrade.  A re-release of three of their well-known citrus-based fragrances, with new limited edition water-coloured packaging, here's the team's thoughts on the fragrances themselves.

Petit Grain by Tindara

Some of you may have noticed I have an unusual name. It’s Sicilian, and those who know me best, know I never stop blathering on about this. Sorry and all that, but being an inbetweenie Anglo-Italian affects EVERYTHING. Look at me with my lapsed Catholic rusty bi-lingualism! No I’m not called Tandoori or Tindra, that’s an IKEA flooring. Yes, my dad was a chef and my mum is a seamstress. What of it? 

... I’m meant to be talking about perfume aren’t I? It all links up, honest. I spent every summer as a child in the Sicilian countryside on the north-eastern coast near the city of Messina with the Aeolian islands in view. My grandparents had fig, bergamot, lemon and orange trees, trails of verbena led to the olive groves that were punctuated by prickly pear cacti. I am really lucky that this was my summer playground, and nothing takes me back to it like perfume.

Le Petit Grain, like a lot of citrus based scents, has a particular resonance. First it’s a fresh splash of lemon and bergamot but with something herby and warm that gives it a bit more substance and spice. Like smelling the citrons on my nonna’s kitchen table, whilst the woody rosemary branches are hanging all around us. So I’m ambling down the road and this stuff is sparkling away like a summer drink with citrus and herbs and then this subsides and Mr Vetivert and Mrs Patchouli come for a visit, and they leave me with a heart of oaky wax reminiscent of the finish to Serge Luten’s Ambre Sultan. I really like this, as you can probably tell. My only disappointment with it is that it doesn’t last well on me. But this does happen with citrus scents and cologne and the only answer is to apply more frequently. I think for this one it might be worth it.

Tangerine Vert - by Get Lippie

Bearing a strong resemblence to Hermes' Orange Vert (one of my all time favourite scents), Miller Harris' Tangerine Vert starts in with a startlingly photo-real blast of tangerine peel, which almost verges into an extremely clean and lively-bright grapefruit, but this is backed up with the smell of bright green crushed leaves, that eventually softens into a blend of cedar and musks.  It's bright, and pretty (and hugely unisex in appeal), and uplifts the spirits gorgeously.   It's a little spiky, and rather on the lively side, but that's just what summer scents need, if you ask me.  It won't last longer than the average spell of British summer sunshine, but that just means you need to reapply regularly.  I've suffered from a spell of anosmia recently, and this has been one of the few fragrances to cut through my smell-less world, so for that, I shall be eternally grateful.

Citron Citron - by Luke

I was assigned Citron Citron and, as I have had a bit of a lament recently about not owning a real citrus scent this was a good choice.

Citron Citron is one of the original Miller Harris fragrances, and the scent is a really gentle, woody spicy citrus. Very lemony, it has lime, and orange in there too. All the citrus bases are well and truly covered. This fragrance has the same sensation of lying in long grass in the summertime surrounded by very ripe citrus trees, and a cold glass of martini. We’ve all been there.

It is a very herby smelling citrus as it has basil, which is very pleasantly perceptible, alongside mint. It's not too warm, being a little on the sweet side, and it's not too zingy as a result, it dries down to an almost powdery scent. I like it a lot.

Being a citrus scent, it really doesn’t last on my skin for very long, so was I bitterly (see what I did there) disappointed. This was surprising to me, especially as it’s an eau de parfum formulation. However, I realised that spritzing this on my clothes instead seemed to make it’s ‘waft’ power somewhat stronger, and it has lasted longer as a result.

Absolutely perfect for the current clammy weather, this will no doubt cut right through any of that beautifully.  


The limited edition Symphony of Scent collection is available in 50ml bottles from Miller Harris at £65 a pop.

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  1. I love Miller Harris, so far I only have Citron Citron of these, but the others sound gorgeous too...


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