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Monday 16 June 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Rock and Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencils

If I was asked to list my desert island beauty products, I would have a hard time choosing between lipstick, mascara and eyeliner tbh.  Yeah, yeah, blush and foundation and eyeshadow are important, but, you know, if I'm creating a makeup look that I can do in less than five minutes, then lipstick, mascara and eyeliner would be my go-to products.  I love a high-contrast liquid eyeliner look, but for quickness on bleary mornings (and aren't all mornings bleary?), then a gorgeously smudgy but long-lasting pencil that doesn't require a particularly steady hand is most welcome.

Enter Charlotte Tilbury and her Iconic Liquid Eye Pencils. I have three - Verushka Mink, the Eye Cheat for Bigger Brighter Eyes, and Marlena Midnight, which are, respectively, a grey-taupe, an apricot flesh-tone, and a soft blackened-navy.

Having a gorgeously soft gel texture, the pencils glide onto the lid with no dragging whatsoever, and offer a beautifully opaque colour the picture below shows off the texture nicely:

They're very creamy, and wear extremely well on the skin.  Charlotte's MUAs have mentioned a 14-16 hour wear time, and whilst I can't attest to that (as I don't sleep in my makeup.  well, not these days, anyway...), they do last really really well over a powder shadow.  I have seen a small amount of transfer to upper lids if you pair them with a cream shadow that doesn't set, but they do last well even so. The points do wear down quickly, however, so whilst it is easy to get a smudgy, lived-in look with the pencils, getting a sharp, graphic line might require a little more effort.

Colour pay-off on skin is rather fabulous - these swatches are one pass with the pencil over bare, unprimed skin.  I really like them, and whilst they're a softer effect than a straightforward black (my usual default eyeliner colour), there's enough pigment in these to not look dusty on the skin.  The Eye Cheat, when first applied to the waterline can look a little startling, but it soon warms up and spreads, and looks surprisingly natural in wear.  I've noticed no irritation for my contact lenses in wear, which is great too.

Having said it's difficult to get a more graphic look with the liners, it is possible:

This was, however, the handiwork of Nelson at the Charlotte Tilbury counter at Selfridges, but it goes to show that it is possible!  I've no idea what I'm raising my eyebrow at, btw.  I had a makeover at counter last week, which I can't recommend highly enough, I came away with a bunch of tips and tricks, and a real new appreciation of the entire Charlotte Tilbury line.  More about this soon, as I have a few of the products that we used on the day to give a proper workout to, but here's a sneaky preview of me wearing Charlotte's "Ingenue* Look" ...

All in all, these were a great introduction to the line, and if as much thought and care has gone into the rest of the products, I'm sold ...

*It's okay, I laughed too.  My ingenue days were over about a decade (or three) ago ...

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