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Monday 9 June 2014

Guerlain Rouge G 864 Rose Grenat - Limited Edition

We love a Guerlain Rouge G (or 12 ...) at Get Lippie, and the release of a new limited edition colour, especially when it is in what I think is my signature shade of reddish-pink is definitely a cause for celebration!  In fact, this has been practially the only lipstick I've been wearing for the last few weeks.  But it's not just the colour of the lipstick itself that makes me happy, it's the case too.

In a change from the usual entirely silver livery, this new Rouge G in Rose Grenat comes clad in a coating that almost exactly matches the lipstick inside:

It's a happy, cheery, bright and beautiful, deep shade of red-pink.  In the flesh, lighting depending (and further depending on the pigmentation of your own lips, the lipstick can appear fuchsia-ish, or a lovely cherry red.

It has the usual sublime Guerlain Rouge G formula, which is emollient without being greasy, and highly pigmented without dragging, and it's divinely scented with just a hint of violets and rose (look, I said I was a fan, okay?)  I find the Rouge G formula to be my favourite of all the ultra-luxe lipsticks at around this price point, and I adore the retro-space-age packaging, which I find reminds me of the Jetsons, for some reason.

The packaging is heavy, no doubt about it, and if you have more than two Rouge G's in your handbag (as I often do), then you'll know about it for sure, but I find the mirrors super handy, personally, and hey, if you ever need to use your makeup bag as a weapon, then there's no finer lipstick to have nearby ...

Creamy and richly pigmented, Rose Grenat is a lovely shade for spring/summer, and I'm glad to have it around.  It's been on counter for a couple of weeks now, and the limited-edition packaging (which makes it really easy to identify which Rouge G is which, and I wish they'd do more of it, to be honest) means it'll soon be sold out, so you'll need to snap this one up quick-smart.  There's also a version in a snowy white shade, also in a colour-matched case, but I don't do well in anything milky, so won't be picking that one up, personally, but it's very lovely indeed.

Guerlain Rouge G's are available at all good department stores, and cost £31.50

The Fine Print: PR Sample. Pictures for this post were taken with a Nokia Lumia 1020 lent to me by Microsoft. Brilliant gadget, by the way!

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