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Wednesday 25 June 2014

Nail Candy by Donnie & Ginny Greer (and introducing Emily!)

So, I'm always getting asked if people can do guest posts, but when you get waylayed by the birthday girl at her own party, begging to do nails for the blog, you can't really refuse, can you? So, without further ado, I present you the latest addition to the Get Lippie team, the gorgeous, the incomparable, the INCREDIBLY TALL, Emily Maben!

By Emily

I don’t actually remember agreeing to be ‘special nails correspondent’ for Get Lippie, it was my birthday and I’d had a few cocktails, natch. But I was delighted the following morning, with a suitably horrific hangover, to find a message confirming the beginning of my blogging career.

So…I’m Emily, and I’m going to be trying, testing and reviewing (and no doubt spilling all over my sofa and clothes) every nail product I can get my hands on, just for you. I don’t claim to be an expert…I have no training whatsoever, but have amassed a rather large collection of varnishes, tools, books, stickers and embellishments over the last few years and love experimenting with new techniques. Sometimes my attempts look like a hot mess, sometimes they look ace and I spend all day staring at my lovely SHINY nails.

As I MAY have mentioned, it was my birthday recently and my lovely team at work gave me this fabulous book: Nail Candy!

Written by Donnie & Ginny Geer, two sisters who started out as nail bloggers, this kitsch delight contains a wealth of nail art ideas and inspiration, with full instructions and clear images. I’d say some of the techniques are quite advanced, butwith a little bit of experience and the right tools I think everyone will find something to love here. Kitten nails with pointy ears (squeeee!), basic striping, dotting and half-moon techniques, artistic paint splatter effects and Harajuki style 3D cutesiness.

I decided to have a go at something simple and opted for the Watercolour manicure. Following their instructions I used two coats of Barry M Blueberry and let them fully dry, before roughly blobbing other shades of blue on top, with a little bit of silver for good measure. While the blobs are still wet you load of wide brush (I actually used an eye-shadow brush) with acetone and then you sort of smoosh the colours together to give a watery paint effect. Finally apply a top-coat and voila…erm, well a watercolour effect that I can’t work out if I like or not.

With a bit of practice (and perhaps better choice of colours) I think this could look fantastic. Have you tried this technique yet? How did you get on?

Emily. x


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