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Thursday 22 May 2014

A Life With a View Scented Candles

By Get Lippie

:sigh: Very few people love candles as much as me.  I rented my last abode purely because it had little cubbies I could display my candle collection on, and the love of the "candle wall" has remained with me ever since.  I love candles.  But, they have to be scented well, and they must burn cleanly.  There are a couple of cult candle brands that I avoid like the plague because they're petro-chemical based, and so produce soot like a soot-producing factory faced with a hugely increased demand for soot.  I'm not a fan of a sooty candle, you might have noticed.

A Life With a View candles deliver on the clean burn, and they are, I have to say, some of the best scented candles it has ever been my pleasure to come across.  They're strongly scented both in the glass, and during a burn, and even a tiny travel candle can scent my entire flat for a whole evening, which, bearing in mind my stupidly high ceilings is a rather amazing feat.  I have a travel set of The Gite candles, which provides a "View of Provence", they're scented with lavender, blackcurrant and spearmint, with a base of rosemary and woods,  and they are delicious.  I'm well known to be a bit of a sucker for mint-based scents anyway, but adding the lavender, with its already flinty, herbacious, minty facets works astonishingly well for a candle, even now in the slightly warmer months of the year.  The scent is both bracing and soothing, like sitting in a warm Mediterranean garden, and they're amongst my favourite candles ever as a result.

But there is one drawback, and it's something I hadn't really considered until I put this candle amongst the others in my collection.  The design.  They look cheap.  Really, really cheap, and somewhat nasty.  Look at that picture at the opening of this post, does that look like £40's worth of candle to you?  It doesn't to me.

Now, whilst packaging isn't everything, if you're paying £40 for a candle, or £50 for a set of travel candles, you kind of expect the product - especially a product that's left out on display like candles are - to also function as an object.  The reason why, say, Diptyque candles are so popular is because of the simple, striking, and lovely labels, almost as much as it is the scents inside of the candle.  

If only the outside were as beautiful as the inside (or I'd even settle for just plain not looking like it came straight out of the remaindered section of the poundshop, to be honest), then Life With a View candles might just be the best candles on the market.   You can find them here.

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  1. I like the design. It's clean, simple and looks a lot more design-led than the high-street brands.


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