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Friday 29 March 2013

Max Factor Giant Pen Sticks Launch Monday!


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So, the day is finally almost here, and I thought I'd save my favourites of the new Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Sticks till last, so here they are; Designer Blossom and Passionate Red:

As in the previous pairings, there's one sheerer (Designer Blossom) and one more opaque shade, in this case, Passionate Red.

Now, whilst Designer Blossom is rather sheerer, it isn't lacking in pigment, and can be blotted down into a rather nice stain, which is my preferred way to use it. Passionate Red is a deeper, more dramatic shade, with hints of golden shimmer.  On the lips:

As you can probably see, Designer Blossom has more of a glossy sheen, whereas Passionate Red is more of a satin, last time for both is about average, you'll need to reapply to get a glossy effect, but Designer Blossom has more of a staining effect on the lips than Passionate Red, so there's very little "red ring of doom" effect in wear.

Overall, I've been quite impressed with the Giant Pen stick collection, they're unflavoured big lip pencils (the name is a bit misleading, I think - they're not "giant", and they're definitely not pens!), in a nice range of colours for both the colour-shy, and the fans of vibrant shades.  And, at £6.99 each, you can afford to buy (more or less) the entire range for the cost of one shade from Tom Ford.  Well, if you don't buy yourself a sharpener at the same time, you can, anyway!  Here's a last look at all the shades together, both on the lips and not:

Sheer shades at the top, opaque shades at the bottom.  My picks are very definitely both of the reds, with Vibrant Pink and Subtle Coral edging their way in too.  Whilst I wouldn't wear Princess Pink outside the house if you paid me a million dollars, it's a brave shade for a collection from Max Factor who aren't particularly known to be that edgy, and I know a lot of people will love it

Which are your picks?  There's a 3-4-2 offer on at Boots right now, btw ....

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