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Monday 25 March 2013

Max Factor Giant Pen Sticks Launch April First!

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In my post before last, I mentioned that Max Factor were launching their Giant Pen Sticks, and I gave you a little preview of two of the shades; Vibrant Pink and Hot Chocolate.  I'm back this week to show you two more, namely Princess Pink and Subtle Coral. 

First a reminder of all the shades:

I spoke to Caroline Barnes recently, who was very excited about the range of shades, commenting on how it was an "extremely 'fashion-forward' collection for Max Factor", and how the range of shades, as selected by Mel Arter was suitable for a range of skin-tones and looks.  

With that in mind, here's a closer looks at what might be the single-most "fashion-forward" shade: Princess Pink, alongside what is probably the easiest shade of the collection to wear, Subtle Coral:

Subtle Coral is a sheer pink-coral, and Princess Pink is an milky, almost fluoro pink, with an extremely white base.  A little too bright to be a proper pastel, it's saturated, and comes complete with a blue micro-shimmer.  Here's how they look on skin:

And here's a blurry close-up that hopefully shows off that shimmer better:

And on the lips:

Same day, same lighting, same position - look what happens to my skin!
As you can see, Subtle Coral gives just a whisper of sheeny colour to the lips, whereas Princess Pink is more opaque, and you can blot it down to a stain.

In fact, Princess Pink is a bit too "fashion-forward" for this particular beauty blogger, I tried to take a picture of my full face wearing it, but ended up having to filter the heck out of it (oh, and I got photobombed too) to stop me looking dead:

Seriously, you should have seen the "before" pic ... 

That said, Princess Pink is a colour a lot of people are going to love, in particular those with a much deeper skintone than me ... Subtle Coral, however whilst not nearly as "fun" to wear, is a useful neutral addition to a lipstick wardrobe, and it's one I've had a lot of wear out of already ...

Later this week, I'll show you what I think are the two stars of the collection, Designer Blossom, and Passionate Red.  Yes, I've saved the best (the reds - I'm ever a sucker for a red) till last - and there are no scary pictures of me and MrLippie for you, either ...  Max Factor Giant Pen Sticks will be available in Boots from 1st April.  Will you be picking any up?

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