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Sunday 24 March 2013

Lippie's Lust List #3 - Tweezerit Curve

 No, it's not a flock of tiny glittery budgerigars, it's actually a collection of shiny eyebrow tweezers from

Ergonomically designed, and extremely easy to use, even for those cack-handed muppets amongst us (that'll be me, then), these are proving to be real contenders to my Tweezermans, owing to the easy to grip wider section nearer the tips.

And they're cute, too!  They cost £25 from Tweezerit. 

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  1. Never thought that tweezers can be so pricey. This collection is cute though.

  2. I NEED THEM. Oh Lordy they are so glittery and pretty, imagine how much those would perk up my make up drawer!
    Charlotte xx


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