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Wednesday 6 March 2013

Clinique Even Better Foundation Review

I genuinely thought I'd already reviewed this, seeing as it was by far my favourite foundation released in 2012, but it appears not.  Oh well, better late than never, eh? Especially as this bottle is very nearly due for a replacement ...

 Housed in a neat dropper-style bottle (my favourite kind), Clinique Even Better foundation contains many of the same  ingredients as their Even Better skin-tone brightening skincare range, which is expanding (wonderfully) all the time.  I'm never without their Even Better Eyes dark circle corrector in my handbag! Used long-term, this foundation is said to have skin-tone evening properties.  I can't comment on that, as I'm a complete foundation flibbertigibbet, but I do use this foundation several times a week, because I genuinely love it.

It's available in 18 shades divided into with  several colour groups, all of which have cool, warm or neutral undertones, and this shade is 03 Ivory (VF-N)  (ie: Very Fair colour grouping, with Neutral undertones). It's the third lightest shade in the collection.  Please bear in mind that my hands are a lot paler than my face, and this foundation, whilst appearing dark on the hand and arm, is actually a pretty darn near perfect match for my facial skin.

It's a medium-thick formulation, giving a satin-matte finish, and a medium coverage.  You can, if you so wish, build it up to full-coverage on problem areas, but I prefer to use a separate concealer if I need extra coverage, which isn't very often when using this, in all honesty.  Here's the return of Maurice the Control Mole to demonstrate:

As you can see, that's some pretty good coverage, right there.  Best of all, this level of coverage lasts. And it lasts well.  I don't know about you, but my skin eats foundation, and I find that generally around 3pm (I apply it around 6am though, bear in mind, so that's nine hours) I need to top up a bit, as I have high colouring, and this tends to peek through after a foundation has been on for a while.  

I have found, however, that Clinique Even Better lasts longer than very many foundations, and it's this long-lasting-ness (totally a word), coupled with excellent coverage without looking flat, or cakey, or needing a setting powder that makes me love it.  As I've said, I can't speak for its skincare properties, as I use very many different foundations in the course of a month, but as a foundation, this one is difficult to beat, and that's why my bottle is nearly empty ...

Lippie Rating:

Clinique Even Better Foundation earns a Triple Lippie for being long-lasting, not needing powder, and giving a great finish.  A great rating for a great product.

The Fine Print: PR sample, which is so old it's nearly gone.  Definite repurchase material though.

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  1. Sounds like a great product!

  2. I wasn't 'attracted' to this foundation but after seeing so many recommendations I tried it and really love it! The perfect texture, coverage and longevity! Just finished a bottle, and as a foundation junkie I know that means I love it as I chop and change all the time! X

    1. I know what you mean, it's not a "sexy"-seeming product, but it works extremely well. Do you know how often I finish a bottle of foundation? NEVER, that's how often I finish a bottle, and it's a sign of how good it is.

  3. This seems like a great product, i really need something with good coverage, but not looking to cakey! I think i'll purchase this when my current foundations run out! Thanks for a great review!

    Beth-Lou's Beauty Blog


  4. Ooooooooooooooh. I love the look of this!!!!!!


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