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Wednesday 13 March 2013

Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Sticks Launch Soon


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I've had this glass of pretties on my desk for a while now, and, as they launch in a couple of weeks, I figured (I'm nice like that) it was time to tell you about them.  There's a slew of  "podgy" products about at the moment, but Max Factor Giant Pen Sticks in the Colour Elixir range - launching on April 1st at Boots - are slightly different, being more akin to a pencil lipstick, than a self-propelling pencil of balm.  You'll need a sharpener, for a start ...

There are six colours to choose from, all selected by Max Factor makeup artist Mel Arter. Mel; famous for her inspired and edgy makeup looks, has been inspired this time around by the latest catwalk trends, and she says:
“Right now we’re seeing the biggest colour comeback in cosmetics since the 80s – it’s a backlash against the recession as people ditch the minimal trend by adding a cheerful splash of colour. There was a real sporty element to the collections for SS/13. Brights on the lips are a huge nod to that. Specifically pink as it is such an informal and fun colour. 

"The texture should be waxy and the shape informal. My favourite Giant Pen Stick is Vibrant Pink 15 - a sophisticated fluoro-pink which is the perfect expression of that trend. Teamed with your favourite eyeliner inside the waterline, gives the statement lip more attitude. Minimal and cool.  Hot Chocolate pushes neutral lips forward for the coming season. It gives the right amount of colour and finish to a nude make-up. Your lips look tonal but alive. This shade compliments a nude make-up beautifully.”


It's a compact range of two pinks, two reds, a nude, and a, as the name implies, a rather subtle coral shade, but let's have a closer look at the two shades Mel Arter mentions above, Vibrant Pink, and Hot Chocolate:

And here's them on my lips:

Think Mel is bang on with her talk of the eighties for Vibrant Pink - I had an entire outfit this colour in 1988! I'll be showing you the rest of the range in more detail in another post, and I'll also be telling you all about my upcoming Giant Pen Stick "colour consultation" with another of my Max Factor makeup artist heroes, Caroline Barnes soon too.

Looking forward to the Giant Pen Stick Launch on April 1st?  I am! 

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  1. These look lovely, will be keeping an eye out for them.x

    1. They'll be in Boots on first of April, lovely xx

  2. Hot Chocolate looks very wearable. Vibrant Pink is well named! I am not sure I could carry it off.

    1. Oh, I bet you could, you know! You wait till you see Princess Pink though ...

  3. Any info on durability? I like the look of them, but if they wear off with a sip of coffee I'll be more put off.

    1. The more opaque shades last longer than the sheerer ones, Jenny. This post was just a bit of an introduction, there'll be a proper review going up soon, don't worry xx

  4. How are they durability-wise? They look so shiny I sort of assume they don't last too well, which isn't ideal for colours so vivid ... I really want to try Designer Blossom, though. (Weird name, mind you.)

  5. Ohh wow they look gorgeous both on and off the lips. Loving the look of Princess Pink and Vibrant Pink xx

  6. No, don't tell me I'll need a sharpener - I'm now recovering from a disastrous encounter with such a lip product - it's so messy... Why do they do this???


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