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Friday 15 March 2013

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm

Summer lip balms in a range of colours? Check. The usual suspect shades? You know, pink, green, orange and blue?  Check. Hang on, green and blue lip balms?  From Clarins?  I don't think we're in Kansas any more ...

And yet:

They're really, really, really gorgeous.  They're also not really green and blue sadly, but this makes them not impossible to wear, as the surprisingly pigmented coloured cores of these Crystal balms make very good lipsticks, actually.  Here's some swatches:

From left to right we have:  05 Crystal Rose, 07 Crystal Gold Plum, 06 Crystal Mandarin, and 08 Crystal Berry.  The balm surrounding the coloured core is essentially clear in use, but it diffuses the edges of the shades, making them nourishing to wear, but still colourful enough to define your lips:

Lip swatches:

Crystal Rose: A soft, gentle, easy-to-wear pink

 Crystal Gold Plum: A cooler shade of plum, with a hint of golden irridescence

 Crystal Mandarin: a bright splash of juicy orange

Crystal Berry: cool berry, without any shimmer

As you can see, the shades are soft and sheer, and (some patchiness with the pigment in Mandarin and Gold Plum aside) very easy to wear.  And they smell deliciously of berries!

My picks out of these four are Crystal Rose, and Crystal Berry, they're slightly easier to get the colour applied evenly, and are the shades best suited to my skin tone.

See anything you like?  They're on counter very soon ...   
The Fine Print: PR samples.

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  1. I really like Gold Plum and Crystal Berry, it's a shame they're not more green/blue though :P

  2. Very nice... I love Clarins skincare and their makeup looks just as luxurious.. Thanks for the review!


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