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Tuesday 15 May 2012

SOS! I burned my face off!

Hi there, my name is Luce, and I am a beauty blogger.  And an idiot.  I have sensitive skin, I KNOW I have sensitive skin, and, I'll bet, half of you know I have sensitive skin too.  So why, WHY? did I decide to trial a new facemask an hour before an important lunch on Sunday?

I'll tell you why, because I'm an IDIOT.

The mask, of course, burnt my face.  Burnt my face RIGHT OFF.  I was PURPLE.  A big purple idiot.  A big purple idiot with an expensive lunch to go to.  So, what do I do when I burn my face off with a new product?  I go straight into SOS mode, and break out the Bioderma, and Darphin Intral products.  

This is a bit of an annoying post, because two of these products are only available in France, but I'm going to suggest that if you suffer from reactive skin at all, you beg steal or borrow the two Bioderma products, by any means possible.

In the first instance, I spray (and spray and spray) with the Bioderma Crealine spray, which contains zinc and other minerals, and is cooling and soothing, I spray it as often as I can bear it - it's also good on razor rash, I've found! - then alternate layers of the Darphin Intral Redness Relief Recovery Cream and the Bioderma Soothing repair cream, then keep spraying.  And spray some more.

The moral of this story is, if you are trying something new on your face, don't do it right before an important appointment.   You might go purple, and it's not a good luck ...

The FIne Print: Purchases.  Lovely, cooling and soothing purchases.  Why the HELL can't we get Bioderma in the UK?  WHY?
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  1. I have access to Darphin here, the cream sounds like something I can use for skin sensitivities.

  2. Ouch. If I want a deep clean, I have to do it on a Friday night, so my skin has recovered before the week. I inevitably get a few red patched and bad pores. Sounds like a good mask though, even if the timing was off. I like masks to take off as much skin as possible (makes me feel thinner) and baths to be scalding hot. Strange girl. Looking forward to the mask review

  3. oh blimey!
    I made the mistake of having laser hair/vein removal on my face last month forgetting the social events I had planned for the following days - purple burnt patches and parched angry skin that just looked worse with any makeup/concealer on.
    I can't live with out dermalocigas soothing protection spray and barrier repair to keep moisture in personally and use it on it other halfs razor rash and after being waxed.
    Ill keep a look out for the bioderma spray though looks like I would love that too :)

    1. The Bioderma spray was a real blessing, Lizz! Lovely and cooling on razor-burned bits too. I shall have to go to Paris soon to re-stock!

  4. Dare I laugh :/ Not at your purple burntness but just how you wrote the post! Heehee!!
    I agree Bioderma needs to be here, I have never tried BUT mainly coz of cost to get here!!


  5. Oh no, I hope it settled down quick!

    La Roche Posay have Cicaplast - I wonder if it's similar type product to Cicabio?
    Calder Chemist in Notting Hill Gate has a very small selection of Bioderma - the Crealine (although it's £25 for I think a 500ml), a few other bits and some of the baby products.


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