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Monday 21 May 2012

Makeup Storage

 People are always asking how I store my makeup, and, after spending a day piddling about with instagram a couple of weeks ago, I thought I'd share the pictures here too!  This is ... most ... (not all, sadly!) of my makeup collection, arranged in a Helmer from Ikea, and in the traincase I bought from Kryolan last year. There's also a sneaky peek at the bunch of palettes I keep in a Muji box at the bottom there too...

In the train case is the majority of the products I reach for on a daily basis, my makeup "bag", if you will, here's the products most in heavy rotation at the moment:

It's a melange of foundations, blushers, eyeshadows, mascaras and eyeliners.  No lip products to be seen!  I'm on a bit of a NARS kick at the moment, you might be able to tell ...

Into the Helmer proper, the first drawer is foundations, primers, powders and other base products:

The second drawer down is my eye drawer, shadows, liners, mascaras and primers:

Yeah, more NARS, I know ...

Third drawer down is LIPS:

You might have noticed there were no lip products in the train case, this is because what I like to do on a daily basis is just stick my hand in here and wear whatever my hand lands on.  A lip lucky dip, if you like...

Fourth drawer is, of course, cheeks (have you figured out the order I do my makeup in yet? You should have!) blushers, highlighters and contours galore ...

Just the odd one or two, you know.

And finally, the bottom two drawers contain nail varnish. Drawer five mainly houses my Chanel collection:

(And the Dior, the Deborah Lippman, the Rococo and the China Glaze collections)

Whilst drawer number six is:

OPI, Estee Lauder, (man I love those bottles!) and everything else ...

The rest of my makeup is in boxes around the flat (lots of boxes around the flat), and then there's The Cupboard.

One day, dear readers, I'll show you the cupboard, and you'll realise why it gives MrLippie nightmares ...

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  1. love this. can't help feeling that the combination of order and chaos in your makke-up storage closely reflects the nature of your beautiful mind

  2. Impressive collection and a great storage idea!


  3. Lovely goodies - I expected nothing less would love to the rest :) the cupboard! sounds dreamy lol

  4. Gawd I can't even begin to express my envy at your neatness in that it is hidden away -mine is all in a wardrobe (I know) and it is mess upon mess, no order, skincare in with makeup and packaging, empty packaging kept incase I have forgotten an ingredient, I can shut the door on it but it is chaos - I know it is there, it plays on my mind. I need a Helmer.

  5. Thank you so much - firstly for the tour (I love storage p*rn) and secondly for convincing my OH that I have "hardly anything" x

  6. My collection has been growing and out grew my existing drawers. I recently bought some IKEA stackable drawers for the over flows, they work well.

  7. Great post, I've seen a lot of bloggers posting about the Helmer unit this month and it looks like the perfect makeup storage. I'm a makeup artist so I tend to keep all my makeup (bar the pieces I use myself) in my suitcase ready to go to shoots, so as much as I'd love to get a storage unit for it all it would mean packing and unpacking far too often for my liking.


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