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Friday 4 May 2012

Benefit That Gal Limited Edition

Oh, now this is cute. To celebrate the Jubilee and the Olympics, Benefit are bringing out a limited edition version of their popular That Gal primer.  The product remains the same, but the packaging has had a "British" (read: London) - centric makeover.  Let's take a look:


It's certainly cute, and continues onto the tube itself:

But this is Get Lippie, and I'm all about what's inside.  I don't think I've reviewed this before, so here goes.  That Gal is a pink facial primer, that has brightening effects when used.   The rube has a wind up mechanism, and you apply the product to you face, direct from the tube, even though it's a liquid product:

Don't tell me I'm the only one thinking about the playdo barbershop, right now.
On the skin it's slight tint helps even out skintone, and leaves you looking glowing, allegedly:

You don't need a huge amount to cover your whole face, and this is best used under your foundation, but you can also add a dab to areas of your face on top of your base to add a little glow too:

It's a nice product, but ... I find it smells unearthly sweet so tend to use very, very little indeed and then can't bring myself to put it all over my face.  

But hey!  Pretty box ...

 The Fine Print: PR Sample.

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