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Monday 28 May 2012

Le Belle Natural Skincare - Oil Cleanser

I do love the Natural and Organic Product show, every year I visit and discover something that I fall a little bit in love with.  Last year it was Konjac Sponges, and this year it's a cleanser from le Belle natural skincare.

I'm naturally biased towards oil cleansers anyway, having been a sufferer from adult-onset acne for many years, and making the discovery that oil-based cleansers were by far the most effective way of keeping outbreaks at bay, and they have also helped with my sensitivity issues too.  I used to have angry, reddened, spotty skin with huge patches of scaly dry skin.  Sexy!  However, since I made the (permanent) shift from foaming cleansers or facial washes, my outbreaks are minimal, and my face doesn't burn as soon as I even look at a mirror these days either.

The le Belle oil cleanser is a thick, yellow viscous oil, which doesn't emulsify with water, so I use this mainly at night, for a deep, deep cleanse, and a massage.  I've found that it's also excellent for use with a Clarisonic as it provides plenty of slip, and doesn't just get absorbed into your skin as you do a thorough cleanse routine with it.  The citrussy scent, whilst refreshing, isn't so sharp that it'll wake you up completely, don't worry.  The cleanser is based on sunflower, sesame and castor oils, so it's good and nourishing.  All le Belle skincare products are 100% plant derived and free from parabens.

But, the main reason I feel in love with the le Belle range is the ingenious packaging system behind it.  The entire range is packaged in heavy, recycled, glass jars and bottles in a beautiful cerulean blue, making them a lovely addition to any bathroom.  However, all the packaging is refillable - a bottle for life, as the le Belle website refers to it -  and the refills are these handy pouches, cutting down on packaging and weight.  They are also really handy for travel, I've discovered!  They also cost 20% less than the original bottles and jars, which is a nice bonus too.

The Cleansing Oil in the bottle will cost you £24 - I've used mine a lot in the two months since it arrived, and I anticipate there is at least four months left in the bottle now - and the refill pouch will cost you £19.  

However, le Belle have been exceedingly generous, and have offered readers of Get Lippie a discount of 20% off all purchases up to 30th June 2012, just add the (case sensitive) word "LIPPIE" at the checkout stage on their website, and you'll automatically get 20% off your order.  What are you waiting for?  Please support an independent supplier today.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a good product and I love the idea of having a lovely bottle that is refillable. Pedantic point coming up as a French speaker Le Belle doesn't work, but maybe it does in another language?

    1. I think there is another skincare brand called La Belle, Imperfectionist, which is why this is spelled this way. Lovely products from LE Belle though, and the packaging is just gorgeous, really eyecatching, and the refillable idea is really cute.

  2. Great to see that they don't use any mineral oil and the trial / travel kits are really affordable. I'm disappointed to see some alcohol included though.

    1. Oh, I didn't notice that, Sharnek! Which products had the alcohol in, do you know? It's unavoidable in some products, but I like to avoid it as much as possible too.

  3. I looked at just a few items, the toner (which I was most interested in) Multi Vit Moisturiser contain benzyl alcohol and cream cleanser has cetyl alcohol in it. I know they are mostly used to preserve the actives, but I like to avoid.

    Have you tried Live Native? Their MSM misting toner is amazing.

    1. Not tried Live Native, Sharnek, but I'll keep an eye out for them. See the next comment for some information about the alcohol in Le Belle, btw!

  4. I spoke to Victoria from Le Belle about your comments today, and she says:

    "I thought it might be helpful to clarify a couple of the concerns from the person above. Our hydrating toner contains a preservative at 1% (benzyl alcohol) which is Ecocert approved for natural and organic products, this give it a shelf life of 12 months. We are just about to launch a Rose & Aloe toner, which doesn't contain a preservative and is 100% natural and organic (shelf live 6 months). Please email for more details.

    Our Cream Cleanser, contains cetyl alcohol which is made from palm kernel oil fatty acids (sustainable), it is qualified to be used in organic products. Again, the cleanser also contains a preservative at 1%. Any product that contains water must have a preservative system within it to protect it from bacteria, yeast and moulds.

    Our oil cleanser is 100% natural and organic with no preservative as it contains no water.

    Our Multi Vitamin Moisturiser - also contains benzyl alcohol within the preservative system we use, as mentioned previously is qualified to use in natural and organic products as it is the most natural. This is used at no more than 1%.

    I hope this information helps and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Founder le belle Skincare

    p.s. We are aware le belle is grammatically incorrect and Louise is exactly correct, there is a La Belle Skincare out there already so we decided to be a bit different!!"

  5. I'm in love with these bottles and the refill system is fabulous!

  6. Louise and Victoria, many thanks for the additional information. I've ordered a try me kit.


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