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Friday 25 May 2012

Bad Hair Memories ...

This picture is about ten years old, and it's from my ill-considered ginger "highlights" and a bob combo days.

It's awful, isn't it?

Tell me about your terrible hairdos to make me feel better, please ...

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  1. If i had a pic i'd show it to you...but i had highlights and had them touched up to the point where i was a fake blonde, plus my hair was straightened with the old school straighteners that totally made your hair look like straw.

    it was a horrible look. im ashamed to admit that at one point i had hair that looked and felt like hay.

  2. Without a doubt the bob I had when I was about 11/12 - it really didn't suit me. I had cut my beautiful long hair to something more manageable. Never again.

  3. One that really sticks in the memory was red low lights and 'layers' that suspiciously resembled a choir boy bowl cut. Ah, then there was the short and spiky cut I had when I was about 8 or 9. And I wondered why people thought I was a boy...

  4. There was a time a few years, I shaved part of my head and had one half long and chemically straightened. As with afro hair, the shaved part grew back curly. So I had straight and curly at the same time, looking like a poodle. Must have thought I was Rihanna.

  5. My worst was a hair colour gone wrong. The stylist mixed my card up with someone else's and I ended up with nearly a full head of bleach highlights. I looked like an 80s page 3 girl without the cleavage. Awful. Fried my hair and had to cut it from waist length to a long bob. Short hair was also a tragic choice being quite round of face. Oh, and what about 90s hair when I used to use a hot brush to create Crystal Carrington indents at the sides just above my ears and then quiff my fringe up. Nice.

  6. I'm currently recovering from my hairdresser interpreting "just a few highlights to blend my roots" as "make me WHITE BLONDE". I looked like a very unhappy snow witch and my hair had the texture of straw.

  7. oh god, i've had so many of those!
    when i was around 13 i had my long hair cut into a above-the-shoulders bob...with a fringe - AWFUL! another one was when my hair went pink from using the wrong dye, thanks to my DIY hair dying skills, never again!

  8. I once asked for layers and got a mullet. I wore a Britney Spears style fountain-on-top-of-head ponytail for six months. Tears were shed.


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