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Wednesday 9 May 2012

L'Occitane Baux Shower Gel

I'm not saying MrLippie is a creature of habit, but …

May I present you bottles (L-R) seven, eight and NINE of his favourite shower gel?

It's delicious, and WAY better than the vile Lynx Africa gloop he used to use!


  1. Hahaha vile Lynx Africa :D that made me chuckle. MANN is this indeed better :)x

  2. Oh, I love this stuff. All L'Occitane shower gels/creams are great, but I love the smell of the men's ones. I'd steal it all the time if my OH used it - I already steal his Chanel Allure Homme.

  3. Why does he need 9 bottles of the same shower gel? Odd Mr Lippie ;-)

    1. Um, he doesn't HAVE nine bottles of shower gel, he's USED six, and this is him stocking up on the 5/8/9th bottles ...


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