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Monday 6 February 2012

Lipstick of the Week - Clarins Gloss Prodige

Well, I said last week that I was planning on wearing just one brand over the next seven days, and, I during a delightful afternoon tea with the Clarins PR, I was presented with these, so it seemed like perfect timing!  These glosses are part of the new Spring collection from Clarins, which is out on counters at the moment.  Eight shades have been released, in shades of  nude, coral and pink.

So, what do they look like? 

Displayed in numerical order, you can see the glosses are pigmented, and contain varying levels of shimmer, from the least ( Rose) to the most (Grenadine).  The glosses are highly fruit scented - they smell of Skittles! - and slightly sticky.

A slightly better representation of the colours there, but this doesn't show off the shimmer.

The glosses vary slightly in pigmentation, ranging from deeply coloured, to barely there:

You can see that the two really nude shades are essentially slightly milky, but more or less clear glosses, for me they'd be good for toning down slightly too dark lipsticks, but they don't show up at all on my fairly highly pigmented lips. The other shades do show up on my lips, and 01 Chocolate was an unexpectedly wearable colour, I fell in love a bit with the multi-tonal microshimmer in that one.

My picks from the selection won't be a a surprise for anyone who's followed this blog for any period of time, but I was drawn to the pinks: 04 Candy, 06 Raspberry and 07 Blackberry:

These are such cheery and pretty shades, and Raspberry in particular has quickly become a handbag staple, I love it. 

Wear is about average for lipgloss, two to three hours or so, depending on what you're doing.  Fans of highly scented lip-products will love the fruity taste, as well.

Ingredients list:

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  1. Rose and Candy need to be checked out in person by me... so far everything I've tried from Clarins I loved, I don't give their makeup enough attention :)

  2. These are very pretty indeed!


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