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Thursday 23 February 2012

Back to Basics - Keromask Camouflage Cream

Long overdue this one.  Keromask is a foundation specifically made to cover up imperfections, birthmarks scars and tattoos and the like.  I've had my bottle since last July, and it's been a godsend to me and my red, red face.  This foundation is recommended by the British Medical Association for use in particular skin conditions.  But, it's also suitable for use for people who just want a heavier coverage foundation.

Lets take a closer look:

An airtight plastic bottle with a pump, that's integral to the bottle - you twist the entire cap, and the pump pops up, very handy, and you can operate it one handed if you're dextrous enough! Handy also, because you can see exactly how much you have left in the bottle.


This is a rather thick formulation, which feels like it contains a lot of oil.  A little bit of this certainly goes a very, very, very long way.  I find that the amount above, barely bigger than a pinhead in reality, will cover my entire face and neck.  It spreads very easily, and is easy to blend.  In spite of it being a heavy duty foundation, it isn't any harder to remove than a "normal" foundation.
Shade Selection

This shade is Light No.11.  There are 24 shades in the range, (in groups, Light, Medium and Dark)  and that includes three shades (white, yellow and dusk) which are purely for mixing with the other colours to make your own custom-blended foundation.  In order to find your perfect shade, there are sample packs available from the website, containing 12 tiny pots of foundation (each of which will last you several days minimum) + the three mixer shades at a cost of £4.99.  A bargain in anyone's book.  And this is an excellent range of shades, even if they didn't have the mixer colours.


Coverage is full/heavy.  But the feel of the foundation is not, before I go into more detail, lets see how Maurice is getting along:

 As you can see, Maurice has almost entirely disappeared, but you can still see the skin beneath. You can wear this sheered out, too.  I find buffing it into the skin with a stippling brush works well if you find the coverage too heavy on first application.  I tend to apply this with my fingers most days though, and you can build the coverage when you need to.


This tends to a  dewy finish, which is quite natural-looking, Unlike other heavy-duty foundations, I don't find it leaves you with that "mask" like effect.  Also, unlike, say, Estee Lauder Double Wear, it won't leave you looking like an off-duty drag queen if you accidentally over-apply slightly.

I find it that it does work better if you set it with powder - and the Keromask powder is very good for finishing this one off, but more about that in a separate post - as this increases the wear time.


This stuff won't move until you remove it, it's a marvel.  If you have very oily skin, you might find you get a little fading around any particularly oily areas, such as the nose and chin, but this will take you from dawn to dusk with very few touch-up worries.

An absolutely bargain-basement £14.99.  I've worn this a minimum of twice a week every single week since last July, and I estimate I've used about a third of the bottle in that time.  I think getting to the end of this will take me at least another twelve months.


Sadly, I've lost the box for this one, so don't have a full list of the ingredients handy.  I'll check with the PR firm and see if I can get one though.
Overall Thoughts

Excellent coverage, and wonderful lasting power, this is a powerhouse foundation and a half.  It won't suit you if you have perfect skin, but for those of us with things to hide, this is amazing. 

The Fine Print: PR sample, and a VERY overdue review.  I'd be redfaced with embarassment, but ...
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  1. I need this and that is all!

  2. OMG! Cannot believe the quality nor price! And poor Maurice is gone, without your little icon I'd have missed him completely. I'm thinking this would be a great foundation for PMS days when I need extra coverage but hate the feel of heavy foundation. Thank you Louise xx

  3. Love the idea of this, maybe to use on areas you need a little more coverage. Loving this weeks foundation reviews x

  4. I bought some Keromask brushes on E-bay on a whim, without knowing anything about the company and they are some of the softest, most well made brushes I have ever come across. I have since read up on the company and would definately like to try out some of the other products. Thanks for a great review.

  5. This looks amazing. I'm definitely noting this one down :) xx

  6. great review.. i'm going to get this to try and hide my vitiligo unfortunately :) i wish it was just a mole haha :)


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