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Wednesday 1 February 2012

Nail of the Day - Orly Rage

It's been a while since I showed you what I was wearing on my nails, but Orly Rage is a colour that was ... ahem ... all the rage on the beauty blogs last year, and I've finally got around to wearing it for myself.  I picked up this mini-bottle in Boots for a fiver a couple of months ago.

Orly Rage is a metallic foil, in a pale champagne/rose gold shade.  My nails show two thin coats over Orly Bonder (my Holy Grail nail basecoat), and topped off with Seche Vite.  It's wonderfully opaque, and very pretty.

But somehow, it's not very me.  I spent a day with it on wondering why it wasn't very me, and then I realised that the reason it isn't is because it's very ... my mum. These shimmery champagne shades are all she wears, and as a result I prefer shades with a bit more oomph.

So, all in all, not a winner shade for me, but the formula is magnificent. I need to pick up more from Orly this year.

The Fine Print: Purchase. Can't resist a mini-bottle of anything, me.

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  1. It is a beautiful colour but not sure it would be for me either. Pale shades like that just do not suit me

  2. A little bit *too* office-suitable-yet-shiny, somehow ...

    But you're definitely right to consider Orly further. I have only one Orly, but not only is the formula lovely, it's the sort of internally-glowing shade that has drunk women in Dundee grabbing your arm at the bar to demand a closer look. No other polish has ever been so eye-catching on me, I swear. (Lunar Eclipse. It's *glorious*. I must put it on again.)

  3. I has paranoia; I don't believe my comment posted.

    I said that I thought this shade was perhaps the wrong combination of entirely office-suitable and very very shiny. I don't know. Definitely mumsy.

    OTOH, Orly are very well worth investing in, I think. I have only one, Lunar Eclipse, and not only is it a very nice formula to work with, it's the only polish I've ever worn that had some drunk woman in a bar in Dundee grabbing my arm and demanding a closer look. Even in low light, even being such a dark blue, it has an inner glow that catches the eye.

  4. I wore this two mani's ago and liked it, but like you didn't fall head over heels in love. But I still loved it? Not sure why, just do :D

  5. I love this colour! But then I'm all over champagne colours...literally, I love them for eyeshadows too :)


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