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Friday 10 February 2012

Valentine Special - Own A Colour

I don't normally do Valentine-based stuff on Get Lippie, being a big old heartless hairy-armed knee-jerk harpie and all that, but an email fell into my in-box this week, and I had to share it.   I've already got a lipstick named after me, so I thought it was about time the incomparable MrLippie had something named after him, too.  Luckily, have come to the rescue.

In a charitable initiative to support Unicef, Own A Colour have linked up with Purple Ronnie and Dulux, and in exchange for a minimum donation of £1 you can gift a colour to your loved one, they get to name it anything they like!  Also, in exchange for your donation, and alongside their choice of colour, Purple Ronnie will write a personalised little love poem especially for your Valentine!  All you have to do is log onto their Facebook page to find out how.

Who could resist? Turns out I couldn't.  Purple Ronnie was kind enough to write me a little poem about the blog, and also drew a little picture of how he saw Get Lippie.  And, as Mr Lippie somehow made his way into the picture, I simply had to share it!

Your make-up can go badly wrong
If you’re not in the know -
Louise makes sure Get Lippie
Is the only place to go!

Not actually a photo.  Spooky resemblance though, right?*
Click onto the Own A Colour Facebook page to get your own poem and colour (no picture, I'm afraid) for your loved one. Help children, please support Unicef.

The Fine Print: NOT a sponsored post - Get Lippie has made a donation to charity as a result of the email. 
PS: Sorry to have spoiled your Valentine surprise, M!  I have no idea how Purple Ronnie found out about the dicky bow thing ... oh, and by the way,  we are TOTES getting matching T-shirts with this on, oh yes.

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  1. Oh, that is fabulous! I love Purple Ronnie :D

  2. This is UH-MAYZING! Looks *just* like Mr Lippie too.


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