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Monday 20 February 2012

Nail of the Day - A-England Avalon

It's terribly hard work having a nail blogger as one of your best friends, you know.  I'd been seeing swatches all over the place for the recent A-England legend collection and thought they were very pretty, but it wasn't until I saw Helen's A-England post last week that I did what every good beauty blogger eventually does, and ripped my friend's idea off in its entirety.  In fact, I ordered the polishes within an hour of her post going live, and was delighted beyond belief that I had the polishes in my sticky little fingers around 24 hours later.  Astonishing service from A-England! And the postage was free, as well - amazing!

In fact, I bought five polishes (not all of them from the Legend collection):

I have Princess Tears, Avalon, Ascalon, Lady of the Lake, and St George.  They are all very, very beautiful:

I'll bring you swatches of the rest of the shades soon:

But first I wanted to concentrate on Avalon, which is a gorgeous, glowing, deep, deep jewelled purple.  Pictures of it don't really do it justice, it's almost a perfect dupe for the Cadbury purple, as you can see from the next couple of shots:

 Doesn't everyone buy chocolate as props these days?

These pictures make the nail colour look a bit different from the bottle, but the shade in the bottle is much nearer to what is on the nails, my shots pull a little of the warmth from the shade, and simply don't show the smoothly metallic glow that you get from this colour when you're wearing it.  The next shot, which is instagrammed to death (for which I apologise), is, ironically, the most colour accurate picture on this page:

This might just be the most beautiful nail varnish I've ever worn.

A-England polishes cost £9 each and are available from A-England's online store.
The Fine Print: Purchases.  Many, many, many sincere apologies to Helen from Just Nice Things for not having an original thought in my head.

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  1. Gorgeous! I've been eyeing some A England polishes too, including Lady of the Lake and St. George! Can't wait to see the rest of the swatches :)

    1. Oh. My. God.
      I love anything purple... ANYTHING purple, but these are just... well.. I... I can't breathe. Have been drooling over the site for a while now, and you've tipped me over the edge. (I also need chocolate.)
      I also LOVE the look of St. George, but you had me at purple.

  2. Really gorgeous not heard of this brand before I particularly like the Avalon and St George are drooltastic :)


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