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Tuesday 1 November 2011

So ...

... Yeah, this post isn't very beauty related either, but ... the next one will be, I promise!  I moved house this weekend, and I have spent a few very happy hours reacquainting myself with my candles - god I missed my candles, who knew that was even possible? -  my perfumes, my unguents, my lotions and my potions and I've been arranging them in the new Lippie Mansions (yes, we've taken a little step up in the world, we're out of the dungeon at last!), which comes equipped with its very own built-in beauty bloggers closet. It's not the only reason I chose the place, honest* ... but I'll let you have a sneaky peek at it later on.  Once I've finished alphabetising it** ...

Oh, and the other great thing about the new Lippie Mansions is the kitchen.  I have a big, big kitchen, so Get Foodie is back on.  Yes, it's delayed (stress kills the appetite, we discovered recently), but it's coming, don't you worry.   I'll keep you posted ...

* Pretty damn close though.  A cupboard!  A cupboard of mine very own!
** I'm an accountant.  It's what I do.***
*** Sometimes.  Allegedly.

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  1. So happy for you both. I hope that you are able to settle in perfectly and without stress xx

  2. I have house envy with the cupboard comment. I had to pack everything up over the summer for running repairs and I am still suffering deep discombobulation from my things not being in the right place.
    Enjoy the organising xx

  3. I want to see how a beauty blogger closet is?
    congrats on the new house

    keep up the great work you are doing here
    i'm pretty impressed
    Come and say Hi
    The Dolls Factory

  4. I'm so pleased you're all moved and settling in. Good riddance to the previous place and the unwelcome "additions". xx

  5. I can't wait to have a peek at your cupboard :) xx

  6. Glad that your settling into your new place with no stress.

  7. I love the look of these colours!
    I'm a gfc and Twitter follower as @Kemcaflipflops

    I love your blog and think you have the perfect variety in your mix of posts- don't change a thing!!

    Kirsten x


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