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Wednesday 30 November 2011

Chantecaille Lipgloss: Nectar, Guava, Taffy

Someone made me an absurdly generous gift recently, and, as I'm obsessed with Chantecaille lip products at the moment, I was delighted to receive these little pots of pretty.  I have three shades:

Like the Chantecaille Lip Chics, these are sheer, and packed with moisturising ingredients.  I don't find them at all drying, and they're a pleasure to wear, as they fuse the lip conditioning properties of a balm with a gloss.

The pictures have washed Guava out a bit, it's quite a lot redder than it appears in the pics, and is the one I've worn the most since it arrived.

So, Nectar is a nude, my lips but better shade, guava has a hint of shimmery pink, and taffy is a caramel-beige, (not the rusty brown I was afraid of when I opened the pot!), and they're very, very, very glossy:

Lasting power is minimal, they layer well over lipsticks, but you wouldn't wear them alone expecting them to last longer than, say an hour or two.

 So very, very pretty, and I'm very grateful to my benefactor ... 

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  1. All I can say to that is JEALOUS! They look lovely. Though I do get a kind of mad OCD thing about applying lip balms with my fingers.

  2. Ooh, they are very pretty. I love the packaging too.

  3. Oh so pretty!!! Tres envious mademoiselle. Tempted by Guava x


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