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Tuesday 29 November 2011

Kate Somerville: Goat Milk Cream and Quench Serum

As the weather has got colder, I've found my skin needed a bit more hydration than what I was getting from my Darphin range alone, so I've added some Kate Somerville skincare to my routine.  I first found out about The Goat Milk Cream via BeautyMouth, and I was desperate to try it from that point onwards.  Whilst I'm not (these days) particularly acne-prone, my skin is sensitive and reddened quite a lot of the time, and I wanted to see if it would help.

Packaged in both air- and light-tight packaging, the cream is very rich, but feels extremely lightweight on the skin.  It does have a faint "creamy" scent, but it doesn't smell at all of goat.

In use, I find that it absorbs quickly, and doesn't leave a tacky feeling behind, and when my skin is having one of it's periodic "angry" phases, it is very cooling and soothing.  It doesn't clog my pores either.  My skin just drinks it up.

In addition to the Goat Milk Cream, I've been using Kate's Quench Serum, which I adore.  Seriously, adore it. My skin is dehydrated quite often, for a variety of reasons, but Quench solves that, and very quickly indeed.  In fact, it re-hydrates so well that my skin has been described as "beautifully normal" by a couple of makeup artists recently - that never happens, and it's entirely down to this beauty.

It's fairly silicone heavy (but it is dimethicone, one of the "good" 'cones - used by plastic surgeons to heal wounds after operations), but I haven't had any problems with clogging or acne as a result of using this. A little drop of this goes a very long way.  The instructions say to use a full pump morning and evening, but I find that half a pump is more than enough for both my face and neck.  Once I've applied this, my skin dfeels plump and smooth, and moisturised.  Dry patches are instantly soothed, and if your skin feels tight through dryness at all, this feeling just disappears.

I love it, and hey, if it's good enough to fool others into thinking I have normal (instead of dehydrated combination) skin, then it's good enough to have a permanent place in my routine.  I can't recommend this stuff enough.

Separately, these are good products, together, they're amazing.  Sadly, the Goat Milk Cream is hard to find at the moment, it is mainly stocked by Space NK, but it appears to be sold out right now, but keep an eye out for it.  Oh, and they're pricey, both coming in at around the £60 mark, but, what price "normal" (plump, moisturised, non-reddened and sore) skin?

The Fine Print: Samples, but they've both immediately gone onto the "must purchase" list.  They're essentials now.

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  1. I love the serum too, but haven't tried the Goat's Milk. Do you use both at the same time? Thanks!

  2. Hi! Thanks for this post! I am very curious about K. Somerville products; i read her book on skincare, it's interesting! The serum seems great! Have you tried other products?

  3. I was interested in the Goat Milk cream too after Beauty Mouth's post but I didn't see it in SpaceNK so I couldn't test.

  4. Great post!! I might need to check out the goat milk cream!!


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