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Tuesday 25 October 2011

Back Soon!

...I aten't dead... *

I am, though, planning lots of blog posts, attempting to buy a new laptop, and, providing BT don't screw up again, I'm hoping that I'll be fully back in the blogosphere very soon ...

Thanks for all your patience, and support on Twitter (and elsewhere), you've been aces.  Especially you. Can't say too much at the moment, there's a lot going on, but there is very definitely light at the end of the tunnel right now.

Okay, who can recommend me a good restaurant in Windsor, please?

* Prize for whoever gets that reference**
** Not open to LondonMakeUpGirl***
***I'm serious

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  1. You don't make an entirely convincing Granny Weatherwax, you know; it's the whole cosmetics thing, for a start, quite aside from being just a smidgen too young.

    Not that I'd want to cross either of you, I suppose. :D

  2. Just wanted to check whether you have experienced the fab mineral range from Vani-T: I can personally recommend their Lip Definers and Lip Crayons (wind-up, long lasting), plus they also do Lip Glaze.

    Something not to be missed: the most beautiful crystal encrusted brushes you've ever seen.

    Would love to know what you think of them; we were so impressed, we put the whole range on our site!

  3. Poo!

    Wishing you strength. Even if you use it for violence.

  4. Granny Weatherwax! I knows all. You are covered in bees. Looking forward to you returning to blogging sphere soonest.

  5. I love reading beauty blogs that reference Terry Pratchett!


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