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Tuesday 2 August 2011

Aww ...

... you guys!

I've just noticed* I hit 1,000 followers on Google Friends Connect today.  That's fantastic, and it's made me very happy.  I'll be doing a giveaway (and I'll do my best to make it a special one) to celebrate very soon, as it's also my blog's second anniversary coming up too ...

Some other things that have been nice this week - actually, now I've typed that, I've just realised it's only Tuesday, and now I'm praying that my week hasn't peaked already - are:

The lovely and amazing Ondo Lady declared me her "Blogger of the Month" yesterday, and there's a big interview where I finally admit what I do all day, and announce who my favourite bloggers of all time are (just five of them, otherwise I'd have had no space to write anything else) and talk about what I really think of blogging.  Click the link to read it!

Also, Wikio gave me a sneak preview of their Top Twenty beauty blogs for August this month, and I'm utterly gobsmacked to see I'm at number FIVE this month! A massive honour.  No idea why, but, how utterly flipping blimming amazing!  Here's the full list:

2Kiss And Makeup
3Beauty And The Dirt
5Get Lippie
6Cosmetic Candy
7London MakeUp Girl
8Modesty Brown
9FabSugar UK
10Fleur De Force
11I Heart Cosmetics
12MakeUp4All, Ladies Beauty
13Beauty's Bad Habit
14Oh! Panda.
15the london lipgloss
16"Of Faces and Fingers"
17Daily Polish
19Lady of the Lane
Ranking made by Wikio

I'll admit that, for a couple of months - up until this week - I'd been finding blogging more of a chore than a pleasure for a variety of reasons. It's been crappy.  I've hated a lot of things, both products, and behind the scenes, and it's been too much of an effort to write as much as usual.  

I even gave serious consideration to giving it all up for the first time since I started.  I've always said  that when blogging stopped being fun, then it would be time to stop.  Luckily, I copped myself on after a while, and  after making a few editorial and lifestyle decisions, I'm now feeling refreshed and ready to blog  again even more than ever.  I love beauty, blogging and I especially love beauty blogging, so I'm not going anywhere.  There's still a lot of fun around, and I'm determined to rid my life, and especially my blogging life, of negativity, and some toxic influences.

Stuff like blog awards, reader numbers and rankings, whilst meaningless in the "grand scheme" of things, helps remind me that people do like what I write, and that blogging IS fun. So big thanks to everyone for bearing with me while I got some perspective. You're aces.  All of you.

Lippie x

*Okay, I actually just spent an hour on Twitter begging for new followers - I'm not proud! I promise I won't do it again**.

**Speaking of things not to do again, I'm not planning on writing any more blog posts about blogging again.  EVER.  You may shoot me if I do.  They're wanky.***

*** Please don't shoot me.
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  1. Happy 1000th follower. I think I'm going to make a Get Lippie martini in your honour:-)) Hmmm... it should involve strawberry pulp as a tribute to all the lovely red and pink lippies. Don't worry, I'll drink two;-)

  2. Congrats, lovely! Well deserved :) I know what you mean about numbers not being important in the grand scheme, but still, it's nice to feel appreciated from time to time! Go celebrate :) x

  3. Congrats on hitting 1000 and the Wikio rankings!
    I'm glad that you have decided to stay with us xx

  4. Congrats hunny well deserved too xx

  5. Congratulation on hitting the 1K mark and thanks for taking part in my Blogger of the Month series.

  6. Congratulations, it's well deserved! Please don't think about giving up again as I love reading your blog! xx

  7. Congrats bb! When I took a blogging break I couldnt be arsed to come back and thought about deleting my blog, but now that I'm back I'm like 'OMG I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU LIKE THAT AGAIN' *hugs computer screen*


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