Aveda Shampure Body Lotion, Body Wash and Compostition Oil

Thursday, 2 October 2014

By Luke

There aren’t many of us that haven’t been seduced by at least one of Aveda's products. With their natural ingredients, and superb scents in just about everything they do, there was a collective sigh of relief when Aveda first arrived on the scene in the UK, as they proved that harsh chemicals and synthetics in hair products were unnecessary for healthy hair.

It took me a long while to jump on board with Aveda, but when I coloured my hair bright red recently I got involved with the excellent Madder Root shampoo and conditioner. Anyone who has had a similar colour knows that red hair dyes are notorious for fading fast, not to mention they're prone to looking a little lacklustre after few washes, so anything that helps stop those has to be a plus. And the Madder Root range from Aveda really does help and, as a bonus, it smells amazing.

However, Shampure is perhaps the most famous, and most-loved, shampoo range from Aveda. With its extremely distinctive scent that is now synonymous with the brand, it is incredibly popular. This year saw the 25th anniversary of Shampure, and they've celebrated with the introduction of body products and oils all featuring the distinctive and much-beloved Shampure fragrance. Well, I say "fragrance", but it is actually the result of blending over 25 pure flower and plant extracts, including ylang ylang, lavender, and petit grain, all of which are said to bring on a sense of well being and calm. This is just as well really, as this is the signature scent of all Aveda salons around the world!

The Shampure hand & body wash is sulphate free and has the benefit of added organic Babassu nut oil which can apparently create a naturally cooling sensation on the skin which can help with relaxation and insomnia, I love this. The body lotion is hydrating and easy to apply, and is perfect for keeping that gorgeous Shampure scent with you throughout the day.

Even more recently they have added the Shampure fragrance to the ranks of their superb multi use composition oils. These are credited as being beneficial for body, bath, nails and scalp, and the universal oil can be used for just about everything except cooking (like you'd cook with a scented oil!) and obviously, it smells incredible! It's lighter - and more runny - than the other composition oils in Aveda's range, but it's fabulous for treating dry ends on longer hair, and makes a great addition to a hot bath that will both scent your skin and home beautifully. Use it on your scaly bits too, so if you've ever wanted beautifully scented elbows, now's your chance ... Now, Aveda, sort out a Shampure candle, will you?

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Lipsticks of the Week

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Ah, Lipstick of the week, it's been a while, eh?  I assure you, I've been wearing just as much lipstick as always, but there's been no sunlight for pictures for ages!  With the change in the weather recently, autumnal berries and plums have been calling out to me this week, so this is what I've been wearing:

Boots No7 Soft Ruby
Lipstick Queen Saint in Wine
Laura Mercier in Healthy Lips
Bare Minerals Moxie in Live Large
Lipstick Queen Sinner Wine
And By Terry Baume de Rose in Fig

 Soft Ruby is a beautiful pinked red, Saint Wine is possibly my favourite lipstick of all time - a perfect MLBB shade that is a lovely shade on the lips.  Healthy Lips is similar to Saint Wine, but a pinker, brighter version.  Live Large is an opaque mauve berry, which is good for a more dressy look, but isn't as "in your face" as a bright red.  Sinner Wine is (of course) the opaque version of Saint Wine, a gorgeous berrywine colour that suits cooler mornings perfectly.  Fig Baume de Rose is my "barely there" lipcolour.  The swatch looks quite terrifying on the paper there, but it's pretty and fresh on the lips!

Here's how they swatch on skin.  These are some of my all-time favourite lipstick colours - what have you been wearing recently?

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Nail Effects with IZ Beauty of London

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

By Emily

A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to the launch of IZ Beauty of London’s new collection of nail effects at The Sanderson Hotel in London. Other than nails, my other favourite thing is pick and mix, so imagine my glee when I arrived to discover a table piled with nail amazingness and jars of sugary delights! It’s like they knew I was coming!

Nestled amongst the bonbons and strawberry laces was a whole new kind of candy…and I was invited to fill up a box with all my favourite bits. From simple studs, to punk spikes and gold leaf, this collection is pretty damn awesome. Even the humble nail sticker has had a makeover: the Deco It designer nail decals are a revelation; something between a transfer and a sticker, they lie flat to the nail with no annoying edges to come unstuck. Most of the elements have been designed with gel nails in mind, but that hasn’t stopped me applying some of these amazing effects to my natural nails. I hope you like them!

I love the simplicity of this look – a simple black gloss nail with single gold studs at the base, and a graphic decal in gold on a feature nail. After sealing with a good top coat I was impressed that the studs stayed put for a good week (though the provided glue was very strong!).

The second look I tried was a bit fiddly but once you get into a rhythm applying the studs it doesn’t take long at all. I started with two coats of my favourite Essie polish called Cocktail Bling. Then using a dabber with a touch a glue I added the individual studs (alternating gold flat studs and blue pearls) in a long strip. I love this effect and once again, it lasted for a week, with the studs out-lasting the polish!

The good news is that all these lovely embellishments and decals will be available at http://izbeauty.co.uk at the end of October.

And finally, when you’ve got studs (or worse, glitter polish) that won’t budge, here’s how to remove it quickly and simply – just soak cotton pads in remover, wrap around each nail, wrap in foil and leave for about 10 mins. When you remove the foil and pads away comes all the polish!

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Sali Hughes - Pretty Honest: Beauty Book Review

Monday, 29 September 2014

By Get Lippie

I love beauty books, I've been collecting them for years now, and even have some that date back to the mid 1800's.  There's a special joy in reading beauty regimes from days gone by, and if the book dates back far enough, they're a wonderful historical document, opening your eyes to just what life was like for women back in the day.  On the flip-side of that coin, there's the special joy that comes from reading a mid-1980's beauty book, and laughing at all the pictures and wondering how the hell no one noticed just how INSANE they looked. I have a lot of books from the 80s for some reason ... funny that.

Traditionally, "modern" beauty books fall into two categories: the picture heavy "How To" tome, usually presented by a makeup artist, filled with impossible to follow "simple" instructions, which are usually dated the second they're sent out from the printer, and the second is a "lifestyle" kind of tome, filled with snippets of how the author (usually a "celebrity" of some kind) lives their "beautiful" life, replete with soft-focus heavily posed pictures of said celebrity in yoga positions, arranging flowers, diet tips, and a small interview with their hairdresser or makeup artist towards the back.

Delightfully, Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes doesn't fall into either of these categories, being on the text-heavy side, and providing more of a guide for people who fall into the "What the hell are they talking about now?" category when faced with a "helpful" sales assistant in Debenhams. We've all been there. I've actually been known to say it to them, which is why I had to move to London where no one recognises me in the department stores any more.

Pretty Honest is logically laid out, with discrete chapters on every aspect of skincare and make up, for all ages, and whether you like to where a little makeup or a lot.  Sali (rightfully) avoids the trap of recommending specific products for specific uses. This can be a particular pitfall of so many books because, as we all know brands tend to discontinue things (or change the formulation) the very second people fall in love with them. Yes, I'm looking at you, Chanel India Pink lipstick.

Refreshingly candid, funny and down-to-earth, I enjoyed reading (and I do mean actually reading, as opposed to flicking through and admiring the pictures) Pretty Honest a great deal.  It reminds me, in the very best of ways, of how beauty blogs used to be before the hidden sponsorship and "lifestyle" prettiness took over a year or so ago.  I love the pretty blogs, actually, but I do genuinely prefer meaty content to beautiful pictures and Pretty Honest has that in spades.

It's actually a consumer guide on to how to use products (and avoid skincare problems), disguised as a beauty book and I, for one, am glad that it exists.  Sali's a great bunch of lads, and whilst I think she's frankly insane on the issue of foundation primers, there's a lot of great information in here.

It'll make a fantastic beauty-related gift for anyone who's ever worn lipstick.  It's £22 and available in all good bookstores now.

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London Fashion Week: Emerging Trends

Friday, 26 September 2014

By Tindara

It’s been a little while since I wrote anything for Get Lippie, and to get me back in the writing saddle, and so I could atone for this appalling neglect, our resident pro make-up artist Luke Stephens arranged a ticket for me to attend the London Fashion Week Synergy event: Emerging Trends. Luke was second in command to make-up supremo, Nicci Jackson and the London Muse pro make-up team for Emerging Trends. This is an annual European showcase of new designers and can be a really important springboard into the industry for them. There was certainly some interesting work in show, and I really enjoyed the whole experience, especially getting a glimpse of what happens backstage.

Obviously, it all started with me panicking about what to wear on Facebook, as I’d never been to anything at London Fashion Week before! I dutifully went with black, as everyone had told me to, with some killer Pavie Gioelli chain earrings and my faithful furry leopard ankle boots. When I got there I was welcomed backstage by Luke and Nicci, and it was all remarkably calm. Models were milling about in jewel encrusted and geometric patterned silk, and the mother of all make-up collections was spread out on one side of the room. I could pretend that I was like, totally cool, but the reality was my mind was screaming “OHMIGOD, the girl from Tottenham is backstage at London Fashion Week”. I know it sounds supremely hackneyed, but everyone really was lovely, especially Nicci and her London Muse Academy team who gave up their time to be there, who didn’t seem to mind me nosing about while they worked away.

Luke and Nicci had an impressive schedule with the corresponding series of looks photographed, rehearsed and ready. As I was whisked away I got to see the first few models ready to go for Naveda Couture (USA), the diaphanous fabrics, shimmery beading, and olive, coral and cream colour palette were set off by a gleaming metallic sheen on the skin with fishtails plaits and natural curls.

Anya Liesnick’s (Germany) slick cuts and Rorschach style patterned fabrics were complemented by strong straight dark brows and exaggerated winged black liner, and matt peach or red lips. Shefali Couture’s (Dubai) satins, lace and shimmer, were accompanied by more metallic sheen, white liner round the eyes and matt orange lips. Fleur Kelinza (UK) and Stefan Meuwissen’s (Belgium) beautiful brown, orange, cream, black and gold geometric honeycomb silks were teamed with more peach matt lips and a china blue shadow with a lovely sixties vibe.

The real stars were Prieston (NoƩmi Nagy Hungary) and La Mo Designs (Leonora Asomanin UK). Prieston in particular, featured beautifully cut dresses in innovative richly coloured and textured fabrics, modern floral brocades with see through elements, Russian influences and crystal-encrusted bling. One dress in particular made me and my neighbour sigh. It was a grown up princess dress with puffs at the shoulder, gathers at the waist and discreet V-back coupled with a saucy red floral fabric with see through areas. I loved the baby-pink gloss used on models, the sunkissed look with long tousled braids was really playful with the full on drama of the Prieston stuff.

Asomanin’s work was also structurally impressive, influenced by Japanese traditional kimonos, though brighter with beautifully colourful fabrics, long trains attached to belts and shoulders. Make-up was strong and dark and goth-inspired, with both black shadow and lips, or heightened colour, like blue, pink and yellow on both eyes and lips.

I hadn’t appreciated how much hard work make-up for one of these shows is before; Nicci, Luke and the rest of the team did a great job. No wonder Luke said it was like a conveyor belt back there! The amount of different looks and how they corresponded to each designer’s work was a creative and organisational feat. Tune in next LFW for more back-stage make-up stories, meanwhile, I’m practicing sashaying in very high heels and triple top knots with blue lipstick.

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