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Thursday 4 August 2011

Darphin Intral Skincare - Serum and Redness Relief Cream

Having a reddened face is one of the banes of my existence at the moment, and dealing with my flushed skin has been one of my top priorities this year. I've found that a lot of the skincare I've been using that is full of actives has been exacerbating the situation somewhat, and so have had to dial back on using some much loved old favourites.

When I last wrote about my skincare routine, I'd cut out actives altogether, and was using very basic, but effective products.  Now, having fallen in love with the Darphin Intral toner (which I'm still using), I decided to add in a couple more products from the range, both specifically formulated to deal with reddened and sensitive skin.

Please welcome Intral Serum and Intral redness relief recovery cream:

Both contain Darphin's "Calm Complex" which is a proprietory blend of chamomile, hawthorn and peony extracts. I used the serum on my red patches after eyebrow threading on Friday, and was astounded at how cooling it was, and how very quickly it took the inflammation down.

It's a very thin, watery serum, which doesn't really smell of much, but a little of this goes a very long way, one pump is more than enough for my whole face and onto my neck.

The redness relief recovery cream has a slight green tinge - very, very, slight - which helps diffuse the appearance of redness, whilst cooling and calming at the same time.  It's a very light moisturiser designed for normal to combination skin, but there are two other varieties of this cream, which will help if your skin is drier than mine.

I don't normally do swatches of skin care, they're dull - and are they helpful?  I'm not sure they are, to be honest.  But, I thought it would be useful to see that this isn't a bright green cream!

So far, I've found these products cooling, calming and soothing, it's been great.  But I'm not sure I've seen a massive reduction in my redness.  Maybe I should give it another couple of weeks.

So far, the only sure-fire "cure" I've seen for red skin is a tan.  Next week, I'll show you my favourite facial tanner.  I say favourite, it's the only one I've ever used, I'm terrified of accidentally turning orange instead of red ...

How do you deal with a red face?

The Fine Print: I bought these.  The Garden Pharmacy in Covent Garden saw me coming and mugged me.

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  1. I have suffered from rosacea my whole life and I've really wanted to try things from this line for a LONG TIME and I just haven't yet. But every positive review I read just makes me want to try them more (maybe once I book my holiday I'll finally take the Darphin plunge!). I don't do anything for my redness, I just leave it as is. It's been on my face my whole life so I am so accustomed to it and thankfully just makes me look rather rosy/ruddy and means I never need blusher! I just wear a great tinted moisturiser (By Terry) and it evens out my complexion and the rosacea sort of ends up working like a natural blush?

    I saw a dermatologist once and they wanted to laser my face to work with the capillaries. I didn't have the money and so I've just resigned myself to a life of redness.


  2. This is a really interesting review. I too have always suffered with rosacea. I find little truly works product wise, but watching what I eat and drink helps vastly.


  3. These products sound great! I've been getting more and more redness in my face in the past year, but I've still yet to try any specific products to target it, so I may try this.

    Have you tried No.7 colour calming primer? It's tinted green and works wonders under my makeup, although looks slightly scary on its own :p


  4. I too suffer from redness, and a tan is indeed the only thing that seems to help. Every super dooper new skin smoothing product I try seems to other make it worse. In the past Boots Protect and Perfect or Idealist, and lately even one of the Neal's Yard Frankincense products have exacerbated it! I might try the Darphin stuff having grown bored of Decleor anti-redness products. Anything else you would recommend that's quite moisturising without being heavy?

    Bizarrely, I find using blusher sparingly works as it sort of focuses the redness if you know what I mean. I even out my skin with mineral makeup or tinted moisturiser first then put some blusher on the apples of my cheeks and it seems to balance it all out.

  5. I also use INTRAL serum but as far as I see there is nothing added value. Just a trash. For a watery serum it is also expensive.


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