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Wednesday 24 August 2011

A Little Bit of Chanel ... Peridot, Illusoire, Epatant and Ebloui

So, I went a little crazy at the Chanel Counter again.  I picked up three of the Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadows, which are a remarkable texture, and, I cracked and bought the nail varnish in Peridot.  I passed over Graphite as it's dead ringer for OPI's Lost in Glitzerland, and Quartz looked too similar to Illamasqua Bacterium for comfort. That said, I'll probably be picking them up anyway ...

So, the eyeshadows I picked up were:

86 Ebloui:

84 Epatant:

And 83 Illusoire:

They're a very interesting texture, unlike the recent Armani Eyes to Kill shadows, they're a powdery mousse, rather than a powder-cream texture, but, similar to the Eyes to Kill shadows, they are very, very, very sparkly.  But, it's a more subtle gleam than the rather glittery Armani formula:

Swatches at the top are over Urban Decay Primer Potion, bottom are on bare skin.  The pots come with a synthetic brush, and you do need it to apply, as using your fingers will just result in the barest wash of un-pigmented glitter, but the brush will pick up a goodly amount of the shade too.

Here's an out-of-focus shot to show off the sparkle:

Rather pretty, I think.  Hopefully, I picked versatile shades.  There was no taupe ...

I also bought Peridot:

Which I had no intention whatsoever of buying, but, I just couldn't resist when I saw it in store.  It's very beautiful.  Alas, it's not the shade for me.  At all:

Yup, on me, it pulls yellow.  Sickly yellow, and not the beautiful scarab-beetle effect you see in the bottle there.

It's not too bad in slightly different light, but man, it gives me lobster hands!  Also, the other shade is the one I mainly get, and it's just so not me ...!  Great to apply, like most Chanel polishes, can't comment on the wear yet though.

So, what will you be picking up from Chanel this season, anything?

The Fine Print: I purchased these.  You would have seen the post sooner, but I realised that the sales assistant had given me the wrong shade of eyeshadow ...

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  1. Aren't the shadows beautiful! I've been wearing Epatant quite a bit, planning on getting the others also.
    (BTW, you've mixed up the shadow names in the first few images, just to let you know..)
    Great pictures, very beautiful

  2. I tried the Peridot @ counter yesterday and it looked the same on me!! Another lemming has been quenched!! Damn me and my lobster hands! Loving the swatches of the eye creams, unfortunately Epatant sold out at my local counter, so I walked away spending nothing....

  3. Great swatches, thanks! I really like the unusual powdery mousse formulas of these- I have a white & peachy one. LOVE the terracotta shade- very into those sort of colours at the mo. I also have Peridot and although the wear is better than Particulaire, it still only lasted 2 (not particularly busy) days on me before chipping like crazy. :(

  4. Ooh everything looks beautiful! I actually think Peridot looks great on me. I'm sure I'd get uper lobster hands but I still want it so so badly ;__;

  5. Not loving the nailpolish but the eyeshadows are to die for!

  6. wow these products are lovely, the eyeshadow shades look gorgeous


  7. umm, i am divided about the chanel polish. Looks so yellow on the first picture but then looks exactly like I imagined it and want it to be on the second photo. I dont think I would indulge but if a company (crosses fingers that this will happen) releases a look a like, would be happy to indule, just to catch that gorgeous colour you get in the second picture. This reminds me a bit of the paradoxal. Looks a bit blah in most lighting, but when the light hits it, trained eyes will see its magnificent beauty.

    I want a dupe of that colour noooooooow x

  8. i quite like the polish on you!

  9. I promised myself one of the eyeshadows but I'm too scared to go to the counter in case I come home with all of them!

  10. HA I like your honesty, the graphite polish sounds nice, Ill need to have a look at this collection.

  11. Liz - Epatant will be back, have no fear as it's a permanent addition to the range! Only Graphite is a LE from the Illusion D'Ombres and Le Vernis that were released! :-)

  12. This came out so green on you! On me it looks like liquid gold! Such a shame you're not happy with it :-(


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