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Wednesday 3 August 2011

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colours

Being a beauty blogger, sometimes you get a chance to look at things before they're released, and I can't deny that it's a massive perk.  These little beauties are the new, updated version of Shiseido's infamous cream eyeshadows.

They're cutely packaged in little glass jars:

I was sent six to take a look at, so let's see the shades:

There are twelve shades in the range, all of which seem very wearable (I'm loving the pink and the purple, but, alas, they're not in this batch!):

What we have here is a khaki (my fave!), a yellow-green, an "old gold", a black, a white, and a blue.

All the shades are packed with shimmer, and they are very complex, not to mention pretty:

Shiseido say that these include "jewel reflecting powder" that reflects light from every angle, creating a luminous glow around the shades.  I have to agree, even the black (in the flesh) appears to have a glowing shimmer around it.  They are beautifully creamy, and apply like a dream, they also blend out very easily, without dragging, which is just what you need in a cream shadow.  The swatches show one pass on clean, unprimed skin.

Shiseido also say, however, that you don't need to use an eye base "and the colour lasts, and lasts, never creasing, or fading".  I have to say that I don't agree.  I've worn two or three of these shades over the last couple of weeks, and they don't last as well as you'd think based on this description.  I found that over the course of three to four hours or so, that I'd have creasing, and by around hour six, the colours would have faded quite considerably.  I didn't try setting them with powder, as I didn't want to spoil the shades, and I wanted to see how well they worked under their own steam.

This swatch shows that colours can and will smudge after application:

This was taken ten minutes after applying, where I just rubbed a finger, very lightly, over the swatches.

These shimmering cream shadows are beautiful. I'm just sorry they didn't live up to the claims made on the press release.  I'll still use them, but I'll just be aware I'll need to carry them around with me for touch-ups.

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eyeshadows.are available from 20th August, and will cost £20 each.

The Fine Print: PR samples  Pretty, pretty PR samples.

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  1. I'm quite excited to read this post. I loved their previous cream shadows ... in theory. There wasn't a single color I could wear, so I look forward to seeing the whole line, and I agree that Patina (I assume that's the khaki) looks gorgeous. I wonder how the black would do as a liner.

    I am also happy to read that they're continuing with the glass pots. I really dislike everything packaged in plastic, like the MUFE cream shadows.

  2. These look beautiful - also loving the Patina & the old gold shade!

    Nic x
    beauty blogger


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