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Thursday 11 August 2011

Alice Temperly Traveller from Elemis

Can't keep him away at the moment!  Here's another ... um ... classic from Mr Lippie, where he decides to look a gift horse in the teeth.  For the faint-hearted, I suggest you skip the pics ...
For my birthday, Get Lippie got me an Elemis travel pack, ready for our trip to Portugal - as my previous washbag died a pretty horrible death and was binned during the move to Lippie Underground HQ. So I was delighted to open it up and examine the various bits & bobs which lay within.
Now, I'd seen various Elemis products around HQ, but nothing that were for men -  or anything I personally would consider "unisex" - so it was quite intriguing to see what male-friendly stuff was within the bag.
In order of usage - I started off with the "Sharp" Shower & Bath gel. Now, it felt fresh, lovely, and was a good size for a travel sample - it's gone through about 4 weeks of continuous usage, with still about an eighth of the bottle to go. It does freshen you up considerably, and the aroma feels quite natural. However, it is CONSIDERABLY spearminty. For me, the instant smell association is chewing gum - which is not entirely want you want to be thinking about when you've got out of the shower? However, it is just a personal feeling - Get Lippie loves (loves!) the aroma, and a couple of friends think it's quite obviously people don't have the warped imagination I have. Which, if you think about it, is probably a GOOD THING.
Next up, the Deep Cleanse Facial Wash. In keeping with the Shower gel, it comes out minty - but it's not overpowering in the same way - it's very much a background sensation that is refreshing, cooling, and energising. I like it a lot, and can see it being a regular feature of my day.
The next item was the Energising Skin Scrub. I approached this with a touch of trepidation, as my only previous experience with a product remotely similar made me feel somewhat sandpapered - although it had some delicious tropical undertones. The Elemis Skin Scrub comes out as a skin coloured cream, but the moment you start to rub it into the skin, it becomes the gritty scrub. There's no real aroma or anything to soften the blow - this is really a very functional hit - you can see exactly why you'd only do this once or twice a week.
Now, onto the Ice-Cool Foaming Shave Gel! I had a lot of fun with this, as it's the first time I've consistently used a Shaving Foam - as previously mentioned, my shaving routine would normally consist of a shaving oil or, lately, a cream that I slapped in the general direction of my face using a badger-hair brush! First impression - I just couldn't believe how little of this foam it takes to get me looking like a cross between the abominable snowman and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (as made famous by Ghostbusters!). 

It may be the case with most foams - but I was shocked that I ended up washing away so much of the foam off my hands. It felt like a terrible waste - especially when the product itself was great. It was v.cooling when put on, spread easily & quickly, and - in keeping with the rest of the range - has that background minty aroma. It slides off quite easilly, and don't have a slightly wet feeling once it's off - although you do have to reach for the towel to get every last drop off!
Finally, the Daily Moisture Boost. Mildly scented, cooling, a perfect amount dispensed without feeling greasy or that you're walking around with a wet face. Which is nice!
Overall, I reckon that the Elemis range is very useable - functionally each & every product was nice to use and felt comfortable aspart of my morning routine. That said, I personally object to smelling like chewing gum in the morning, so the shower gel is not for me! Still, it's a classy little gift set, and works for a good few weeks, so well worth it.

The Fine Print: Get Lippie parted with actual cash-money for this.

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  1. My Harvey is sat on my knee, pointed at your pic and said "Father Christmas".

    Great reviews though Santa... I mean Mr. Lippie!!!!

  2. the little sister believes that this kind of thing should not be seen in the morning by the unsuspecting. she had to live through *years* of a bathroom polluted by Lynx.

  3. I got this exact set for my brother to take away on his honeymoon and he seemed suitably impressed (he's still jungle trekking in Borneo though). I gave him an Elemsi set a few years ago but there was an incident with the shaving foam, it apparently exploded/leaked (can never tell when he is being overly dramatic) whilst in the plane. Personally I think that was an excuse, he probably just left it in a hotel room! Thinking abou tgetting the female version for myself, can't resist a smart wash bag x

  4. that is so cute, i mean mr lippie
    oh bless


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